Join The Paperless Digital Revolution!

A report by Capgemini Consulting and the MIT Center for Digital Business found that the most successful companies are those Going paperlessgoing digital – with a 26 percent higher profitability. Who knew that letting go of paper and trading into digital could increase your bottom line by that much!

In an interview with Capgemini’s Global Practice Manager, Didier Bonnet, it was stated that the most successful companies that went digital did the following:

• Stayed committed! Successful businesses that went digital didn’t do it as an experiment, but as a complete company transformation.
• Applied digital technology to what they did the best or the most of, whether it was sales, customer experience, or compiling customer data, in order to have a clear starting point from which to build.
• Made sure all of their business investments were “digital” first.

A Bottom Line Example…

A local construction company here in our town knew they were losing money and productivity because they had no systems in place – and worse, they were tracking everything on paper in lieu of digital technology.

In order to reel things in they purchased software and also iPads to manage their construction teams, inventory and service processes. With GPS built into the iPads, and software that had each construction worker sign in and out from the jobs they were on, a huge positive impact hit this small business’s bottom line. No longer could workers “claim” they were on a job for 6 hours when in fact they were only there for 2… and that is only one of many positive changes that going digital had.

To really take advantage of digital technology, you can’t just give iPads or some kind of gadget or technology to your work or sales force. You need to be sure that you have software, processes and training in place so that your digital investment pays off to the maximum. The more you commit, the more you’re going to get out of it.

The digital revolution, driven by cloud and mobile technology, has also lowered entry barriers to accessing enterprise-level technology for growing your small business.

These days, the availability of internet-based cloud services for everything from document storage to email and collaboration tools is a huge boost for small business owners.

Using the cloud allows for buying services on-demand with a more cost effective subscription platform – and the flexibility to scale business needs up or down at any time.

And then there is mobile connectivity that enables you and your employees to access cloud-based services from anywhere and any device, whether from a PC in the office, from a tablet out on the road, or working from home with a laptop and smartphone like we do all the time at Showcasing Women.

Mobile connectivity is allowing small businesses to process credit card and debit purchases from literally anywhere in the world by simply using a smartphone or tablet. And companies like Visa Business are providing tools and resources to easily integrate with your digital technology for greater productivity.

The digital revolution is a big leveler for small business owners, giving them the platform to compete locally, nationally and globally on an equal playing field with larger and more established companies!

Here at Showcasing Women, we have converted into a paperless business with a more profitable bottom line by using digital and cloud technologies. These are just a few things that we use:

• For incoming faxes we use and all faxes are delivered to our email inbox. For sending a paper document that isn’t already in document form in our computers, we scan it and email it… no more fax machine!
• For virtual communications and screen sharing we use Skype.
• For document sharing and having back-ups of important documents, we use Dropbox.
• For processing credit cards we use Square… it turns your smartphone or tablet into a credit card reader.
• We use GoogleVoice for our voice messaging and receive an email every time a message is left.

We could go on with a long list of tools that we use in order to remain virtual, mobile and fully digital with our team around the country. The point is that going paperless, going digital, and streamlining your business will add profits to your bottom line without fail!

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Expanding Your Leadership Style

Great post by Dr. LeslieBeth Wish.

There’s no single technique that fits every leadership situation, but there are some guidelines to help you expand your skills in motivating Vector-Background-LightBluepeople and nurturing their best self. I discovered these approaches through my decades of experiences and the people-management wisdom from the books of David J. Lieberman.

Concentrate more on using techniques that incorporate valuing people so you can reduce nonproductive behavior. Here are some tips that can work. You’ll need to experiment with them and sharpen your people-reading intuition.

I’m guessing you might find these ideas “manipulative.” I had some of those thoughts at first when I read Lieberman’s books. But then I put those thoughts aside and said to myself:  “We all need to feel valued and treated fairly. And I like learning.” So, I tweaked his ideas and methods and then used them repeatedly over time. I was shocked at the great results.

I’m also guessing that you have a mind open to learning, too! The first and second ideas are the foundation, but they’re worth mentioning again.

1. Get proactive by clarifying your goals and outcomes for each person or team.

2. Establish a way to measure the achievement of these outcomes. You might, for example, set a time line or number of calls made or money raised.

3. When you see that the person or team is not effective or is problematic, give feedback as soon as possible. Here are some tips that incorporate techniques that meld increased productivity and nurturing of the employees’ best self. If you do have to fire someone, then you will not only have the peace of mind from using effective techniques, but you will also have a measurable record of their underperformance.

a. Begin first by saying words of thanks and appreciation for the person or team’s effort or time or brainstorming or dedication or whatever is appropriate and true. People need to feel valued.

b. If possible, state one or two things you like or agree with. This style lessens their defensiveness that you dislike or reject them. Now say that you’ve done some thinking about their work so far and that you’d like their help in fine-tuning your ideas.

This approach allows the person or team to view your feedback as you not only valuing them but also seeing them as contributors to your thinking, changes or refinements. You now come across as recruiting them to help you and the company.

People like to do favors for you when they feel that their opinions, efforts and ideas are valuable and when they feel included in something larger. Set a time limit to revisit the progress.

4. If the employee has a difficult personality, you aim to reframe it in ways that will be more effective to you and your company. Let’s say that an employee is always the first to criticize others.

a. Begin by reframing their negativity as positive and then recruit them to do you a favor by helping you to help others.

For example, let’s say that Cindy usually says in meetings that someone’s idea is wrong or crazy or stupid or won’t work. You say to her privately:  “I like your passion for excellence.” (You’ve now reframed her negativity.)

b. Now praise her for already having the future behavior that you desire.

For example, you say to Cindy:  “You know, I’m sure that you see that some of the others don’t think as quickly as you do. I know you can help me in making them feel as valued as I value your input. I’m going to be in listening mode, and I could use someone else on the team to support me in that.”

5. Give the team or person a way to “save face” and then work to disprove your negative impression. Let’s say that Maria is not following up on people’s phone calls to sign up for events.

a. Say:  “I’m hesitant to mention some thoughts I’ve been having lately because I don’t think I’m seeing things correctly. I trust that you’ll tell me if I am wrong. But I think you’ve been missing following up on signing up people for our event because (fill in the blank—you’ve been preoccupied with your child, divorce, mom’s illness, etc.)

You’ve now invited Maria to make you wrong. She might say, “Oh no, everything’s fine. I’ve got things under control.” You’ve now signaled her to be more mindful. You could add:  “Thanks. Everyone has something in their life, and I know that you’re one of the persons who can manage it.” That sentence repeats the tip above about praising for what you want the person to do.

Hope these tips get you thinking!

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Holiday Planning For Your Customers

The holiday season is a perfect time of year for savvy business owners to capture profits. The “holiday marketing HolidaySalebenefits” are staggering in the form of generating new customers, rewarding repeat customers, creating community good will, and increasing public relations! All of which ultimately will increase bottom line profits.

The Black Friday holiday sale is a perfect example of this phenomenon. Consumers will line up in the early hours of the morning just to have first dibs on fabulous deals at brick and mortar storefronts like Walmart, Best Buy, JC Penney, and more. These stores will sell items below wholesale cost, but recoup their money with customers who purchase additional items at regular price while in the store. Free media coverage also increases exposure by highlighting stories of the madhouse rush of consumers.

The online shopping experience utilizes the same philosophy. For example, on Black Friday, one of our clients (a well-known vocal singer) will offer downloads of her newly-released single for 1 cent, coupled with additional deeply discounted rates on other products to increase her popularity and sales.

This same client may also participate in a singing engagement on Thanksgiving where all proceeds go to a local charity to feed hungry children. While this doesn’t bring profits in the form of monetary value to our client, it promotes goodwill and plays a paramount role in her public relations campaign. And behind the scenes, it fulfills her personal passion to help underprivileged children.

If you are a business owner wanting to take advantage of the holiday season to increase year-end revenues, simply follow these steps:

Plan In Advance – Determine your desired revenues and then devise your plan accordingly.
Develop Specials Along With Extra Incentives – Create enticing specials at extraordinary prices that will entice new and existing consumers to purchase from you. Throw in “unannounced” specials to further engage them.
Develop Your Marketing List – Segment out your marketing list, survey those who have never purchased from you before and find out what their “needs” are. Create additional specials and incentives directly related to their purchasing desires.
Schedule A Holiday Event To Engage Your Customers – An event that brings out the holiday spirit in your customers will endear them to you. You can create a fun online event, or a local “live” event. It doesn’t necessarily need to have monetary value, but if done correctly it will further develop the trust factor between you and your customers. This goes a long way in their future buying decisions.
Give To Charity – Let your customers know that a portion of their purchase will be donated to a worthy cause. Take it a step further by giving your customers a choice between a few different charities to send their portion to… customers love having a “voice” and this is a golden opportunity to provide it.
Combine Social Media With Public Relations – Take your holiday sales campaign to both social media and the public relation arenas. Be sure to include appropriate hashtags with your status updates so that consumers can find your events and sales.
You now have the steps to facilitate a profitable holiday season for your online or offline business. It is up to you to begin while there is still time! So roll up your sleeves, put together your holiday sales campaign and begin working your plan. Then watch your revenue, customer base, and goodwill increase.

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Paralyzed politicians reveal just how close the U.S. government is to total collapse

Anyone looking for evidence of the impending total failure of the U.S.  government need look no further than the shenanigans taking place right now in  Washington D.C.
To summarize:
• As the nation hurtles toward an  inevitable debt collapse, the Obama administration insists the answer is to pile  on more debt by raising the debt ceiling. Anyone who disagrees with this is  being characterized an “anarchist.”
• Unless the debt ceiling is raised,  the U.S. Treasury will default on hundreds of billions of dollars in debt  obligations in less than a Capital-Building-Governmentmonth. Such a default would absolutely wreck the  credit worthiness of the USA, causing the future debt burden to start wildly  multiplying in a runaway mathematical blowout that can only end in financial  collapse.
• Obamacare, a broken system of coerced, unconstitutional  health insurance mandates, is already causing widespread  economic disaster across the country as tens of millions of people are  losing their jobs, having their hours cut, or seeing their company-sponsored  health plans cancelled. But the socialist philosophy of Obamacare is so central  to the political left that they are viciously defending it at all costs. If  Obamacare fails, the socialist fantasies of the left go down the drain with it,  and they can’t let that happen… not even if it means medically bankrupting  millions of Americans thanks to the outrageously high costs of health insurance  everyone is now forced to buy.
• As political leverage in all this, the  federal government is  supposedly “shut down,” but the IRS is still collecting money, the TSA is still  groping travelers at the airport, and billions of dollars in government waste is  still accruing each week. To make the shut down appear worse, the Obama administration erected tall barriers around World War II veterans’ memorials,  desperately attempting to dramatize the shut down while blaming the Republicans.  (This also shows the utter disrespect for American veterans who fought for the  very freedoms Obama seems to enjoy destroying at every opportunity.)
•  The mainstream media, ever the pathetic defenders of failed “hope and change”  rhetoric, is still running interference for the Obama administration, pretending  that all this is the fault of Republicans and that somehow Democrats had no part  in any of it. The very idea that Republicans might want to negotiate a mutual  agreement rather than bowing down to the destructive wrath of Obamacare is  heavily and repeatedly criticized by the media. How dare you want to negotiate!  Peasants don’t negotiate with kings! They bow down and kiss feet!

You are watching the slow-motion collapse of the U.S. government

What  you are witnessing here is the utter failure of the U.S. federal  government — a failure that may portend an even more sobering failure soon  to come.
This is a government that has:
• Run out of money •  Run out of credibility • Run out of ideas • Run out of trust from the  People • Run out of excuses for its utter abandonment of law, justice and the  will of the People
Maybe it’s time that We the People ran them all out of  Washington, eh? It’s certainly clear to the American people at this point that virtually no one in Washington represents their interests  anymore… the exceptions being a very small number of stoic defenders of  fundamental freedom like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz. For their efforts to stand firm  against the government steamrolling the entire economy into oblivion, they are  being called “anarchists” by Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid, an all-out  wretched apologist for endless, cancerous growth of the institution of  government.

What happens if 25 million federal paychecks suddenly stop?

As I’m  watching all this, I can’t help but wonder just how much more the American  people are going to take before they fill the streets in protest. Or, even  worse, what happens if the so-called “desperate measures” now being invoked by  the Treasury can’t hold out long enough and the entire system goes into  financial default?
What happens in just one week across America if all  the people dependent on government don’t receive their paychecks? Imagine: 25  million full-time and part-time federal employees suddenly waking up and  realizing there is no paycheck; there is no retirement; there is no free health  care and there is no “faith and credit of the United States  government.”
I could tell you almost exactly what’s going to happen when  that day comes, but you probably wouldn’t believe it anyway, so I’ll save that  explanation for when the time is right. But I will give you the hint (wink wink)  that you’d better brush up on reading and buy everything ever written by James Wesley  Rawles, because unless an unprecedented holy miracle occurs that defies the  laws of economics, there is no saving the U.S. government from its own financial  destruction.

If the U.S. government were a hospital patient, you’d pull the plug out of  sheer mercy

The only real question is how long it will take for the People  to finally lose sufficient faith in this failed government to actually pull the  plug and shut it down permanently. If you think of the U.S. government as a  hospital patient, it’s being kept alive with an artificial lung, an IV feeding  tube, a cocktail of toxic blood thinners and a bedside defibrillator. The crash  cart is on standby and the heart monitor is showing a failing pulse headed  towards flatline.
The Fed stands ready with a syringe full of adrenaline  (labeled “Quantitative Easing”), but the patient has already been injected  fifty-seven times, and no one knows how much more the patient’s heart can handle  before exploding.

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Did You Hear About Marisa?

By Showcasing Women on September 23, 2013

Today we are sharing Marisa’s amazing story…

Marisa decided to start a business so that she could have freedom and earn more income than with her J-O-B. She left skid marks leaving6-Figure-Circle-Facebook-Text-Large her 9-to-5 job and threw herself wholeheartedly into her new business. From that point forward Marisa lived happily ever after!!

Just kidding.

That would be a pretty hard-to-believe story, right?

Here’s why – most people hide the truth from others. Here’s what really happened…

Marisa started her fabulous business by getting super-cool business cards, setting up her Twitter and Facebook pages, and started tweeting and posting her services. Soon she discovered that “doing what she loved” turned out to be a lot harder than she had expected.

She also discovered that she really needed a website and squeeze pages and lead capture strategies… oh my! More money, more money, more money out the door, before making any. Ugh!

Suddenly she had to market herself, do social media, manage her time and money, figure out how to use new business tools, create materials for her customers, try to get free publicity, find a mentor who she could afford, and so much more.

Marisa discovered she was working way more than she wanted, and was enjoying it less and less each day – and was in no way going to make 6-figures any time soon. While she planned for a few months of getting up to speed… she was in overwhelm. A year later, she had only made $23,458 total dollars.

(Don’t worry; there is a knight on a white horse coming to save the day!)

One day as Marisa was scrolling through her inbox she found an invitation to join the 6-Figure Circle! All of her troubles were over. Suddenly she had a world-class website, capture pages, videos, mentors who have made 6- and 7-Figures, a support team and something to offer customers and prospects that everybody wanted.

Sound too good to be true? Well, now for the rest of the story…

When we started, our purpose was to birth a safe place for Women Entrepreneurs to learn, share, and thrive.

Two years later not only have we created that, but we have learned so much more about the needs of Women Entrepreneurs. And what we learned really surprised us. In fact, we were downright shocked! Here is the real cold hard truth about being an entrepreneur…

The #1 challenge that entrepreneurs face is managing all of the moving parts of their business and turning a tidy profit. In fact, most of the entrepreneurs we work with have been struggling to reach 6-figures when they come to us!

Unfortunately, many heads nod in agreement when reading this because people can relate to this frustration and challenge.

Women are multi-taskers. Naturally we expect that managing all of the pieces to a business and making a good profit would be easy-peasy for a woman. But we were wrong!

And here is why…

Reason 1 – without good mentors it is hard to stay focused on what really ads to your bottom line.
Reason 2 – without the money and proper resources to start and grow your business properly it can take years and years to finally start making 6-figures and beyond.
Reason 3 – women often let emotions make their financial decisions.

We’re about to change all of this. It’s time to make business simpler and to turn a fabulous profit!

Introducing the 6-Figure Circle – created by the founders of Showcasing Women. The 6-Figure Circle is a dynamic project designed to take a small group of women to the top, and be led by a team who have already done it!

The 6-Figure Circle is designed for the Women Entrepreneur who wants three things:

  1. A fabulous 6-Figure income and she is willing to work for it with NO excuses.
  2. Mentors who have already earned 6 and 7-figures and will work in the trenches training you step-by-step.
  3. A proven “business-in-a-box” that is based on social and relationship marketing.

Are you that savvy woman?

If you are, then visit us at and learn how we can help you own a business that actually makes you money while having fun with great people.

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Green tea really does improve your memory!

You’ve heard it before, but it’s true: Green tea, one of the most studied substances in recent history, really does help improve your Herbal-Green-Tea-Cup-Leavesmemory. That is the not-so-new conclusion of Chinese researchers who essentially have reaffirmed that the chemical properties of green tea tend to affect the generation of brain cells, which provides benefits for memory and spatial learning.

Prof. Yun Bai, of the Third Military Medical University in Chongqing, China, and a research team focused on the organic chemical epigallocatechin-3 gallate, which is better known as EGCG, an antioxidant ingredient of green tea.

“Green tea is a popular beverage across the world,” said Bai in a statement. “There has been plenty of scientific attention on its use in helping prevent cardiovascular diseases, but now there is emerging evidence that its chemical properties may impact cellular mechanisms in the brain.”

Improvements in recognition and spatial memory

The results of the study, which were published in the journal Molecular Nutrition & Food Research, found that EGCG elevated the production of neural progenitor cells, which – like stem cells – can adapt, or differentiate, into various other types of cells.

“We ran tests on two groups of mice, one which had imbibed EGCG and a control group,” Bai said. “First the mice were trained for three days to find a visible platform in their maze. Then they were trained for seven days to find a hidden platform.”

Researchers found that the EGCG-treated mice required far less time to find the hidden platform and overall EGCG enhanced learning and memory capabilities by improving object recognition and spatial memory.

Earlier studies have shown similar benefits of consuming green tea, many of which could be construed as improving mental function, especially as we age.

For example, a recent study in Japan, which was led by Yasutake Tomata of the Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine, found a general decrease in “functional disability” among older adults who drank five cups of green tea daily, compared to those who consumed one or fewer cups per day.

Tomata and his team monitored almost 14,000 senior citizens 65 and older for three years. In the end, 13 percent of adults who drank just a cup or fewer of green tea daily became functionally disabled, compared to just seven percent who drank five or more.

“Green tea consumption is significantly associated with a lower risk of incident functional disability, even after adjustment for possible confounding factors,” Tomata and his research team wrote.

A healthy diet may contribute as well, but green tea is a definite factor

Granted, researchers have noted that people who consume green tea on a regular basis tend to be healthier anyway, consuming more fish, vegetables and fruit. They also tend to be more educated, have lower rates of smoking, suffer fewer heart attacks and strokes, and have greater mental sharpness overall.

In addition, they tend to be more socially active and have more family and friends to rely on.

Still, with all that in mind, researchers have found that green tea itself is definitely tied to a lower risk of disability.

Besides helping to boost mental performance and ability, researchers have linked the consumption of green tea with anti-cancer activities.

“The science is certainly promising,” David L. Katz, MD, director of Yale University’s Prevention Research Center, says, though he notes more research is needed to flesh out all of green tea’s actual benefits.

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Listen Up Gents: Moderate chocolate consumption is linked with decreased stroke risk in men

The scientific community has released yet more good news about the health benefits of chocolate – moderate consumption may reduce the risk of stroke in men. Earlier studies have shown this delectable food reduces the risk of stroke in women, as well as enhances the Broken-Bar-Dark-Chocolatehealth of the heart and brain in both sexes. This latest word of cheer gives male chocolate lovers one more reason to indulge in this treat, as long as they do not overdo it.

Author Susanna Larsson tells Fox News that it made sense to explore chocolate’s effect on stroke, given that it has already been shown to lower blood pressure and LDL cholesterol, both of which are risk factors for this cardiovascular event. So the next logical step was to look at stroke.

In the research, scientists examined the dietary habits of 37,000 Swedish men and followed them for 10 years, identifying close to 2,000 participants who suffered a stroke during this period. The findings revealed that men who ate approximately one third of a cup of chocolate chips lowered their stroke risk by 17 percent compared to those who avoided chocolate. Even after factoring in other risk factor data collected on the men, such as obesity, high blood pressure and smoking, the results still held.

Although most of the men in the study ate milk chocolate, Larsson expects the results would have been the same with the dark variety. However, she recommends dark chocolate as the better choice because it would only be necessary to eat half the amount to get the same benefit. Eating less of this rich food would reduce the risk of weight gain, explains Larsson.

While the scientists do not know exactly why chocolate produced the benefit, Larsson postulates it may be due to the flavonoid content, compounds that appear to enhance cardiovascular health through antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-clotting effects. “There are several potential mechanisms,” she says.

Since chocolate is high in fat, sugar and calories, Larsson and other experts stress limiting its consumption to a moderate amount. Rather than focusing solely on the chocolate, the authors advocate exercise and eating a healthful diet.

Even though a cause-effect relationship between chocolate and reduced stroke risk has not been established, the association between the two has definitely been proven. The study was published in the online version of the journal Neurology.

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US Navy vet a real-life Jason Bourne; wakes up with no memory but speaks perfect Swedish

The fictional character Jason Bourne is a covert intelligence operative who survives an intense mind control “reprogramming” process to become a government assassin. After being shot while on an assassination mission, he forgets his identity and tries to rediscover his true past. That’s the storyline of the Bourne series of motion pictures.  The-Bourne-Identity

Last week, a possible real-life Jason Bourne awoke in a motel room. While his I.D. revealed he was a U.S. Navy veteran named Michael Boatwright, he awoke without any memory of being able to speak English whatsoever. He now speaks Swedish and insists his name is Johan Ek.

When he looks in the mirror, he doesn’t recognize his own face, and he has no memory of his past.

“The guy Michael — it wasn’t me. I’m still Johan,” he said through a translator, as reported by

When Michael Boatright (picture on the right) was discovered in the hotel room, he had, “…a duffel bag of casual athletic clothes, a backpack, five tennis rackets, two cell phones, some cash, a set of old photos and four forms of identification: a passport, California identification card, veteran’s medical card and a Social Security card.”

Except for the tennis rackets, it already sounds a lot like Jason Bourne, doesn’t it? All the phone numbers in his phone were non-U.S. numbers, and when they were called, everyone disavowed any knowledge of who the man really was.

Medical workers eventually gave his condition the name, “Transient Global Amnesia” and said it must have been triggered by some sort of trauma. But Natural News readers probably share in my suspicion of that whitewashed diagnosis.

There’s quite possibly something far more mysterious at work here.

James Holmes and mind control

Take a look at James Holmes, the Colorado Batman theater shooter. He was a bright, high-IQ graduate student studying government-funded mind control technologies. And then one day he’s a crazed psychopathic shooter who allegedly shoots and kills a bunch of innocent people, then gets thrown onto so many tranquilizers and mind-numbing pills that he can’t even speak.

His apartment just happened to be set up with an astonishing maze of extremely high-end explosive devices rigged in an intricate way that no normal student could have possibly managed. His actions also set off a major push for the disarmament of the American people under the guise of “gun control.”

There is growing consensus among those who have really looked into the James Holmes story that Holmes was a victim of mind control. MK ULTRA-style mind control. Manchurian Candidate stuff. Even Holmes himself probably had no idea what he was doing when he stormed the theater in Colorado. It was all pre-programmed in his head, then triggered to set it off.

These mind control technologies really exist, by the way. They aren’t just Hollywood sci-fi. The highest levels of covert government really are involved in extreme mind control programming to create assassins that don’t even know they’re assassins. They’re “triggered” by a pre-programmed event to go on a killing rampage or to kill a specific target.

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The amazing power of “Walking,”

Sometimes the best solutions are the most simple. This appears to be the case with walking, arguably the simplest form of exercise. Walking is gentle on the body and takes no special equipment to perform, making it also a very accessible way to exercise. There has been quite a bit of research done on the effectiveness of walking, and the results are staggering.

Decreased pain and disability

Walking appears to make the body stronger and more resilient in addition to being therapeutic. When people suffering from knee arthritis walked for only three hours a week, their pain and disability went down by nearly half. Walking for only four hours per week decreased the risk of hip fracture in post-menopausal women by over 40 percent.

Walking and mental health

Though physical activity and mental health are not always put in the same breath, walking also appears to have a significant impact Happy-Family-Hands-Fall-Walk-Trailon our happiness levels. In one study, nearly a third of the depressed patients reported feeling better after only a small dose of walking. When that small dose was increased, the number of depressed patients who were feeling better jumped to about half. Similarly, walking has been shown to reduce anxiety in about half of all patients who implement it into their routine.

Decreased illness and disease

The risk of disease and illness also seems to be significantly cut down when walking is added to the picture. Some research has found that walking can decrease the risk of heart disease by as much as 50 percent. Older patients who started a walking routine were able to reduce their progression of dementia and Alzheimer’s by about half as well. In one study of patients at a high risk for diabetes, walking was combined with other lifestyle interventions and almost 60 percent of patients reduced the progression to frank diabetes.

Walking and lower mortality

All of these benefits point to a lower mortality rate as well. A Harvard alumni study followed graduates for a dozen years and found that people who walked had a 23 percent lower rate of death than those who did not walk. Cardiorespiratory fitness, something walking can influence, has also been pointed to as the best mortality predictor.

Though walking may never become a fitness fad, its benefits are undeniable. In fact, if a pill could produce effects similar to the statistics cited above, it would be the bestselling drug in the world. Until then the rest of us will be making strides naturally, one step at a time.

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Monster mosquito panic! Global warming causes elephant-sized zombie mosquitoes to invade Florida

You have got to read this, it’s Funny. Leave it to the media! The laugh for the day.

Giant mosquitoes the size of elephants are invading Florida and sucking so much blood out of victims that they shrivel up and die, warned health authorities in Seminole County. They’re being called “zombie mosquitoes” because a bite from one of these massiveWoman-Young-Screaming-Technological-Overload mosquitoes — which can weigh up to 200 pounds and can carry a full five gallons of blood — leaves victims shriveled and pale, looking much like a zombie. Those few who have survived encounters with the creatures say being bitten by one feels “like being stabbed by a pitchfork.”

The American Red Cross is hoping to find a way to hack the tiny brains of the zombie mosquitoes and install remote-control interface chips that would allow Red Cross volunteers to pilot the creatures as if they were blood donor drones. “This could drastically increase the success of our blood drives,” one worker told Natural News. “We just have to train them to deposit the blood at a Red Cross collection location.” Watch for the Red Cross Airborne Insect Platoon to be deployed soon.

There has been some confusion in the public response to the zombie mosquitoes. When a local television station warned that “the blood suckers are coming!” several local conservative non-profit groups thought that meant they were being raided by the IRS. The panic ended when they realized the more sobering truth. “It turns out it was only elephant-sized blood-sucking mosquitoes with a 20-foot wingspan,” explained Melvin Mayhem. “Compared to the IRS, that’s nothing.”

The rise of the zombie mosquitoes is, of course, attributed to global warming. “The problem is that too many humans are exhaling and too many cows are farting,” explained Al Gore, spokesperson for Blood and Gore, also known as Generation Investment Management (GIM). David Blood, CEO of the company — and yes, that’s his real name just look it up — is excited that global warming might give rise to yet more blood-sucking creatures. (And no, I’m not referring to Al Gore himself.)

Police in Alabama are reportedly attempting to capture zombie mosquitoes in Florida so that they can be used at roadside checkpoints to take blood samples from innocent citizens. “If giant vampire mosquitoes take your blood, then we don’t need a warrant,” explained off-duty officer Peewee Powers. “We then extract the blood from the creature and submit it to the NSA for analysis and archiving.”

McDonald’s is urging Florida residents to “eat more cheeseburgers,” which makes human blood resistant to mosquito sucking because it turns your blood to sludge. “Cheeseburgers can save your life,” declares a new McDonald’s television advertisement.

And yes, in case you haven’t yet noticed, this article exists solely to make fun of all the highly-exaggerated reporting and fear mongering we’re now seeing about the gallinippers mosquitoes now being spotted in Florida. News organizations are going bonkers over this mosquito, reporting that their bite feels like “a small knife wound.” I’m not making this up. You can read this at Mother Nature Network.

That same story goes on to report, “Florida is about to be invaded by monster mosquitoes…”

Fox News also reports that mosquitoes “20 times” the size of normal mosquitoes “have swarmed Seminole County.” Apparently we are all supposed to cower in terror.

“This mosquito was so big I actually called the Seminole County Health Department,” reports one reader. Seriously. Will they call 911 next? That same story, by the way, also carries a quote from a reader who implies the mosquitoes were caused by global warming. (I swear I’m not making this part up.)

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