The Chronicle of a Life Coach: Permission Granted

Awesome article by Kristie Kennedy. Everyone needs to do this at one time or another!!

My world changed dramatically the moment I granted myself permission to live magnificently in the face of adversity.

In regards to women, supporting and nurturing others is inherently ingrained in our genetic makeup. As a life coach I have the honor of attending to some of the most intimate and authentic thoughts of a woman.Permission

Listening to her share private dreams, frustrations, fears and aspirations is a very humbling position to be placed in. I am inspired when they take a bold stand to confront their inhibitions. Transformation occurs the moment they embrace truth, which requires courage to become vulnerable, naked and unashamed in the presence of another.

In the chamber of confession, a common thread that reappears time and again is the need to grant oneself permission to be, to do or to have.

The definition of permission is the act of allowing someone to do something, authorizing something to happen, or granting approval to proceed forward.

Your current state of being is often a reflection of your mental condition. Typically, if a person is unhappy their internal disposition is more or less rooted in negative thought patterns.

As women we must begin to grant ourselves permission to be human in order to inoculate the poisonous lie of perfectionism. A diamond is still a diamond even if a gemologist discovers apparent flaws.

How are you showing up in the world? In what areas of your life are you shrinking back instead of plunging ahead? Are you ready to grant yourself permission to be, do and have anything your mind can conceive?

Affirmation of Approval:
On days when my energy level is running extremely low,
Permission Granted to step back and refuel.

On days when I feel like succumbing to fear,
Permission Granted to slay imaginary bears that aren’t even there.

On days when my mind is burdened and my heart heavy with blues,
Permission Granted to sing something happy and new.

On days when I’ve stretched myself paper thin,
Permission Granted for me to live, love and laugh again.

On days when I don’t have the stamina to be the poster girl for strong,
Permission Granted to find a steady shoulder to lean upon.

On days when nothing seems to be going my way,
Permission Granted to scream out loud – the walls will be ok!

On days that it appears I can’t find one set of listening ears,
Permission Granted to sit still in silence for God is always near.

On days when it would be easiest to throw in the towel,
Permission Granted to fight with all my might, strength and power.

On days where it seems life is handing me the short end of the stick,
Permission Granted to rise to the occasion for I have vowed never to quit.

On days where I become weighted down with the cares of this world,
Permission Granted to embrace peace over turmoil.

On days when I forget the rare and valuable treasure that I am,
Permission Granted to shine brighter than ever and showcase
the beauty of greatness!

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Joy In The Journey

Great article by Angela Giles, one of the founders of Showcasing Women.

As the New Year begins to unfold, we all resolve to make changes and set goals.

So why is it that only 8% of people follow through and achieve their New Year’s resolutions? It isn’t for lack of wanting to. JoyGenerally, people really want to make changes. Yet, the biggest excuse at the end of the year is that “life just got in the way.” But what is the real reason?

There have been many articles written around the subject as to the reasons behind the vague excuse that “life just got in the way.” In fact, Forbes recently outlined some of the major reasons in their latest blog post “Just 8% of People Achieve Their New Year’s Resolutions – Here’s How They Did It”, on January 1, 2014. Here were some of their most popular reasons:

➢ People have so many competing priorities it is near impossible. The solution recommended is to keep resolutions simple.
➢ Many resolutions are too vague. The solution was to set specific tangible goals.
➢ Resolutions were not obvious. The suggestion was to chart your goals in a specific manner.

However, there is an inherent underlying reason that eclipses all of those mentioned above. If this “challenge” could be handled, than all of the other reasons and excuses would just melt away and not be an issue.

The REAL reason is that people just don’t find “Joy in the Journey” of achieving their goals throughout the year.

We’re all on a new journey in 2014. Let’s do this together! Here are 3 tips for how you can find joy in your journey this year:

1. Avoid Making Comparisons
Comparing ourselves with others usually leaves us feeling either prideful or defeated, and most definitely joyless. Be grateful daily for who you are and for the gifts that make you unique and special.

2. Squash All Negative Thoughts
Someone once said, “Whatever you think, you say. Whatever you believe, you do.” Negative thoughts can only poison our minds if we carry them around on our shirtsleeves daily. As soon as you’re aware of a negative thought, imagine squashing it under your foot and grinding it into the ground. Then immediately replace the negative thought with a positive one. Our thoughts have a powerful effect on our beliefs and actions once they find a home in our minds and hearts.

3. Applaud Each Day’s Successes – Including Those Of Others
You lost another pound. Give yourself a hand! You took another step towards starting your new business. Good for you! You pushed through a fear. Yeah!

Seek out ways to contribute to the success of others. Celebrate someone else’s triumph each day, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem. Life is filled with small blessings that add up to a joyful journey; so don’t miss a single one. Write them down in a “Joy Journal” that you start now and continue with throughout the year.

We look forward to hearing from you. Share your joys with us on our Facebook page and inspire other women in process. Joy to you!

Look the Very Best You Can this Year. Live Healthy and Wealthy!!

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Directing Online Sales And Marketing Flows

These are great tips from  Melanie Dowhaniuk

With online marketing becoming a larger part of every company’s marketing strategy, it is important that marketers and business safe_imageowners understand the marketing and sales flow of customers online.

The key to developing your strategy starts with modelling out how you will attract your target customers, drive them to your company’s website and keep them engaged in the sales process until they complete their purchase.

Build Traffic

It is integral in the first step to build up traffic. Think about how your customers might find you online.

The direct way is often through search engines, with the primary source today being Google. I use the term “Google it” on a daily basis and most of your customers will, too. There are various tactics you can employ to show up in a search on Google, including listing your business in the local business directory.

The next way to generate traffic is through paid advertisements on Google or other high traffic websites. Paid advertisements can include but aren’t limited to Google word ads or graphical banners that appear on websites in featured locations. The banners that are used to draw the visitor’s attention and entice them to click on the banner ultimately result in traffic to a specific website page. Using paid advertisements can be a costly exercise. However, if positioned on the right sites, they can drive qualified leads to your website or e-commerce site.

The last core way to find traffic sources are through social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ to name a few. These platforms create a social ecosystem that allows marketers and business owners to generate attention to their business pages and ultimately their products and services. There are many tactics you can use on each of these sites, from indirect to direct communications, paid advertisements and participation in discussions and themed groups.

Capture Leads

Once you have determined how you are going to source your traffic, you will need to engage those customers and start capturing the leads. Today, there are so many options to choose from, the relationship you build with a customer is imperative to your success to sell them your products or services.

In Business to Business relationships it’s important to provide content to your customers that they don’t have to pay for. This can include strategically planned blogs posted on your site or on partner sites, providing your customers with content rich emails on a regular basis, informative whitepapers that help your customers improve their day-to-day marketing efforts, or educational webinars that engage your audience to think differently. Each of these tactics can include your product or service as the underlying theme, but they also provide a basis and tools for your customers to be successful.

The important aspect of providing great content is ensuring you capture information about your leads. This can include name, email, business type, title, etc. With this data you can then learn more about who is using your content, how they found you and what content is perceived as most valuable to your target market.

Close The Sale

Now that you have established a relationship with your leads, you need to close the sale.

Depending on the product or service you are offering, you want to drive the leads back to a sales page, landing page or e-commerce site.

When developing a sales page, you need to ensure you include a clear call-to-action. This could be contact details for the lead to reach out to you directly by email or phone, or to click a button and request a quote. With a landing page, you want to ensure you have outlined a clearly defined conversion strategy. With an e-commerce site you need to make sure you visibly highlight any discounts or coupons that a potential customer may use to purchase from you.

No matter what you choose, it is important that the customer see value in what you’re providing. You don’t always have to reduce your price, but as long as the offer is clearly articulated, you will influence your leads to make their purchase.

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Expanding Your Leadership Style

Great post by Dr. LeslieBeth Wish.

There’s no single technique that fits every leadership situation, but there are some guidelines to help you expand your skills in motivating Vector-Background-LightBluepeople and nurturing their best self. I discovered these approaches through my decades of experiences and the people-management wisdom from the books of David J. Lieberman.

Concentrate more on using techniques that incorporate valuing people so you can reduce nonproductive behavior. Here are some tips that can work. You’ll need to experiment with them and sharpen your people-reading intuition.

I’m guessing you might find these ideas “manipulative.” I had some of those thoughts at first when I read Lieberman’s books. But then I put those thoughts aside and said to myself:  “We all need to feel valued and treated fairly. And I like learning.” So, I tweaked his ideas and methods and then used them repeatedly over time. I was shocked at the great results.

I’m also guessing that you have a mind open to learning, too! The first and second ideas are the foundation, but they’re worth mentioning again.

1. Get proactive by clarifying your goals and outcomes for each person or team.

2. Establish a way to measure the achievement of these outcomes. You might, for example, set a time line or number of calls made or money raised.

3. When you see that the person or team is not effective or is problematic, give feedback as soon as possible. Here are some tips that incorporate techniques that meld increased productivity and nurturing of the employees’ best self. If you do have to fire someone, then you will not only have the peace of mind from using effective techniques, but you will also have a measurable record of their underperformance.

a. Begin first by saying words of thanks and appreciation for the person or team’s effort or time or brainstorming or dedication or whatever is appropriate and true. People need to feel valued.

b. If possible, state one or two things you like or agree with. This style lessens their defensiveness that you dislike or reject them. Now say that you’ve done some thinking about their work so far and that you’d like their help in fine-tuning your ideas.

This approach allows the person or team to view your feedback as you not only valuing them but also seeing them as contributors to your thinking, changes or refinements. You now come across as recruiting them to help you and the company.

People like to do favors for you when they feel that their opinions, efforts and ideas are valuable and when they feel included in something larger. Set a time limit to revisit the progress.

4. If the employee has a difficult personality, you aim to reframe it in ways that will be more effective to you and your company. Let’s say that an employee is always the first to criticize others.

a. Begin by reframing their negativity as positive and then recruit them to do you a favor by helping you to help others.

For example, let’s say that Cindy usually says in meetings that someone’s idea is wrong or crazy or stupid or won’t work. You say to her privately:  “I like your passion for excellence.” (You’ve now reframed her negativity.)

b. Now praise her for already having the future behavior that you desire.

For example, you say to Cindy:  “You know, I’m sure that you see that some of the others don’t think as quickly as you do. I know you can help me in making them feel as valued as I value your input. I’m going to be in listening mode, and I could use someone else on the team to support me in that.”

5. Give the team or person a way to “save face” and then work to disprove your negative impression. Let’s say that Maria is not following up on people’s phone calls to sign up for events.

a. Say:  “I’m hesitant to mention some thoughts I’ve been having lately because I don’t think I’m seeing things correctly. I trust that you’ll tell me if I am wrong. But I think you’ve been missing following up on signing up people for our event because (fill in the blank—you’ve been preoccupied with your child, divorce, mom’s illness, etc.)

You’ve now invited Maria to make you wrong. She might say, “Oh no, everything’s fine. I’ve got things under control.” You’ve now signaled her to be more mindful. You could add:  “Thanks. Everyone has something in their life, and I know that you’re one of the persons who can manage it.” That sentence repeats the tip above about praising for what you want the person to do.

Hope these tips get you thinking!

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Holiday Planning For Your Customers

The holiday season is a perfect time of year for savvy business owners to capture profits. The “holiday marketing HolidaySalebenefits” are staggering in the form of generating new customers, rewarding repeat customers, creating community good will, and increasing public relations! All of which ultimately will increase bottom line profits.

The Black Friday holiday sale is a perfect example of this phenomenon. Consumers will line up in the early hours of the morning just to have first dibs on fabulous deals at brick and mortar storefronts like Walmart, Best Buy, JC Penney, and more. These stores will sell items below wholesale cost, but recoup their money with customers who purchase additional items at regular price while in the store. Free media coverage also increases exposure by highlighting stories of the madhouse rush of consumers.

The online shopping experience utilizes the same philosophy. For example, on Black Friday, one of our clients (a well-known vocal singer) will offer downloads of her newly-released single for 1 cent, coupled with additional deeply discounted rates on other products to increase her popularity and sales.

This same client may also participate in a singing engagement on Thanksgiving where all proceeds go to a local charity to feed hungry children. While this doesn’t bring profits in the form of monetary value to our client, it promotes goodwill and plays a paramount role in her public relations campaign. And behind the scenes, it fulfills her personal passion to help underprivileged children.

If you are a business owner wanting to take advantage of the holiday season to increase year-end revenues, simply follow these steps:

Plan In Advance – Determine your desired revenues and then devise your plan accordingly.
Develop Specials Along With Extra Incentives – Create enticing specials at extraordinary prices that will entice new and existing consumers to purchase from you. Throw in “unannounced” specials to further engage them.
Develop Your Marketing List – Segment out your marketing list, survey those who have never purchased from you before and find out what their “needs” are. Create additional specials and incentives directly related to their purchasing desires.
Schedule A Holiday Event To Engage Your Customers – An event that brings out the holiday spirit in your customers will endear them to you. You can create a fun online event, or a local “live” event. It doesn’t necessarily need to have monetary value, but if done correctly it will further develop the trust factor between you and your customers. This goes a long way in their future buying decisions.
Give To Charity – Let your customers know that a portion of their purchase will be donated to a worthy cause. Take it a step further by giving your customers a choice between a few different charities to send their portion to… customers love having a “voice” and this is a golden opportunity to provide it.
Combine Social Media With Public Relations – Take your holiday sales campaign to both social media and the public relation arenas. Be sure to include appropriate hashtags with your status updates so that consumers can find your events and sales.
You now have the steps to facilitate a profitable holiday season for your online or offline business. It is up to you to begin while there is still time! So roll up your sleeves, put together your holiday sales campaign and begin working your plan. Then watch your revenue, customer base, and goodwill increase.

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Boring Brands Don’t Sell: 3 Tips for Success!

Featured writer Ann Evanston.

I am known for saying, “There are a million people who do what you do; there is only one you that makes it truly unique.”

Too often I think people take this quote with a grain of salt. Just take a look at the CHOICES your potential customer has! Go research AnnEvanston_BoringBrandsDontSellrelated products and services. Heck, if you shop for cereal, you know how many choices there are!

Have you ever looked at how many choices and brands there are for what YOU do? (I guess if you’re on Facebook all day you might feel like EVERYONE does what you do! LOL) Do you buy soap? Have you wanted or hired a coach? There are a million brands out there.

And EVERY brand means there are MANY choices… for YOUR potential customer.

If you have fallen into the trap of just claiming what you do, and not stepping into who you are, you’ve probably hit a plateau in your small business success.

And there is a good chance it’s because you sound like everyone else that does what you do.

When I go to networking events, honestly, if I hear another person say, “Hi, my name is_______, and I’m a _______” I think I’m going to scream! It is SO generic!

Many people, as they hear that, are thinking: “So what? Why you? I’ve met five of you today, so why you?” Heck, if you’re lucky that’s what they are saying — most aren’t even listening because they are ready to bore you with the same dang speech!

As you develop your business and want to go to the next level, it’s time to consider the energetic personality of your brand. Energy is everywhere. In person it makes perfect sense, but I believe it is even online. Can people FEEL the energy of your brand? Does it move them? Call them? Make them want to be a part? Or is the energy of your brand just milk-toast? Vanilla? Just shoving the facts of what you DO at them?

See, you don’t want to be one IN a million, not if you want success. You want to be one OF a million.

Here are three great ways to making this happen:

First: Look at YOU. Look at your personality, your background, your choices and decisions, your values, your passions. Breathe YOU into your brand.

I often hear people say, “But Ann, I want to be able to SELL my company down the road. If I make it all about me, I can’t do that.” Really? So Oprah, Tyra and Martha haven’t been able to do that? Even if your brand is NOT your name (mine isn’t, it’s Warrior-Preneur), the energy of “who you are” should move through EVERYTHING. My smart, savvy, sexy, sword-yielding direct personality is in everything I do for my business. (It’s even these articles for Showcasing Women, LOL!)

TIP: Pick the three to five energetic values of you and your brand. Put them into everything you market — online AND in person.

Second: Understand the power of storytelling. When I work with my clients on marketing strategy, I often find that storytelling is completely left out of their plan. Storytelling connects you to like-minded people. And like-minded people ARE your customers, potential customers and referral sources. So tell stories.

Many people think their lives and things they do are BORING. So they don’t tell stories. I don’t believe it takes the “extraordinary” story to call your potential buyers to your business. Do you cook? Tell a story. Love wine tasting? Tell a story. Go to church? Tell a story.

Oh, can you feel the fear? Some of you are thinking, “But Ann! If I tell stories about my passion for drinking wine, some people won’t hire me!”

Okay, time to draw a line for what I call your TRIBE. So what if EVERYONE doesn’t want you. You want the RIGHT ones to want you!

Here’s a great example. My husband and I are high density, organic, year-round urban gardeners. We love what we do and EAT. I frequently tell stories about my garden, the harvest, and what we are eating. Then, via Facebook, I was contacted to ask if I wanted to speak at a convention for raw foodies in business. Ah, YES! See, they are my tribe, not the fast-food convention!

TIP: Pick three stories that you can share when networking, online, in a blog or when speaking. Make them a part of your marketing strategy.

Third: Have an opinion. Draw a line. Choose a side. Yes! This is VERY powerful as an expert. See, true experts have an opinion. Is there more than one side? Of course. But when you write a blog about BOTH sides, you are playing it SAFE. So if you make a skin care product, are you organic or not, and why? If you teach marketing, have a clear opinion about marketing strategy, and stand up for it?

Opinions allow people to FEEL you and your brand. Walking both sides doesn’t offer that. And when people disagree, dialogue happens, which attracts your potential buyers even more! They LIKE that you stand your ground!

TIP: Brainstorm up two or three areas where you have a definite opinion in your field of expertise. Write about them and share.

It’s time to be one OF a million. You ready?

The hard cold facts about why you are FAILING online – The 6 Figure Circle!

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Prospect For Partners To Grow Your Business

Great information By Melanie Dowhaniuk .

Prospecting for a partner is the act of doing research to find the right partner. When deciding on entering into a strategic marketing MelanieDowhaniuk_ProspectingForPartnerspartnership, it is important to do the right amount of research to evaluate whether or not it will be a successful partnership, and if it is worthwhile to invest your time and resources to grow a successful relationship.

Here are some key considerations when doing your research.

1. Your Growth Limitations

The first thing a business must do is identify what is inhibiting the growth of the organization. It is important to be aware of what your company struggles with and what exactly it is that you hope to improve on or achieve when entering a partnership. You must ask how you can turn these challenges into a positive and productive experience.

You should be looking to enter into a partnership with another individual or organization that compliments your skills and shows strength in your areas of weakness. For example, if your sales are weak, choose a partner who specializes in sales. If you are lacking in technological advancements, partner with an organization that has these assets.

Take the time up front to reflect internally to ensure you are clear on what your organization can bring into a partnership. A strong suitor will help attract quality partners.

2. Values

The next important step is to determine if your potential partners share in your sense of values. Values factor into every part of a business: from determining the customer base to deciding how to manage employees. If your partner does not share your sense of values, you are setting yourself up for conflict.

Ask yourself the question, “Are there any conflicts around the partners’ business values that would jeopardize their ability to make a successful partnership?”

3. Mission and Goals

In doing one’s research, it is critical to determine how to analyze your partner’s mission and goals to ensure you are both aligned.

For a partnership to work well, the prospective partners must determine how well their business goals fit together. If they are not compatible and you do not share a common vision, it may be difficult to work out any differences.

This should all be outlined prior to entering into a strategic marketing or business partnership. Quantifiable and measurable goals will also help evaluate the partnership in an objective way.

4. Other Factors

While evaluating prospective partners, here are some of the many additional factors you must take into account.

  • Will this partnership benefit you in terms of breaking into new markets, either locally or internationally?
  • Will it help you grow your customer database?
  • Will it help to increase your brand image and awareness?
  • Is the partner organization the right size?
  • Are they are equipped with enough complimentary skills to strengthen your organization or fill gaps?

Take as much time as you need to evaluate potential business partners and use the correct evaluation tools by asking the right questions. It is better to wait to take on the right partner than to rush into a bad relationship!

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Someone Needs To Say It!

Really great post By Diane Potter on October 3, 2013

I wish I had a dollar for every entrepreneur who came to me and said, “I want you to help me make money online.”

I’m not sure when this ugly lie started, but the lie goes something like this… “It’s EASY to make money online! Anyone can do it! My DianePotter_SomeoneNeedsToSayIthusband’s brother’s cousin through marriage is making like, $1000 a week coaching and he just talks on the phone!!!”

Or something ridiculous like that!

Here’s the truth. Why would building a business online be so much less work than building a brick and mortar business? Why would it cost so much less? Granted, there’s no building, no employees and less overhead, but your market area is bigger. So your marketing, joint venturing, networking, and implementation costs would be expected to rise significantly, yes? It would be harder to get noticed in the WORLD versus the town. So those costs might just be the same in the end.

The first rule of online entrepreneurship is that it’s JUST as hard, if not HARDER, to “make it” — so don’t go into this decision lightly. It’s nearly impossible to build an online business while you’re working a full-time job, and if you don’t have the money to do it right, don’t even try it. You really can’t build a business for nothing — not anywhere, and online is no exception.

The second rule is that you have to be a genuine expert.

This is my absolute favorite. I like to ask, “Why would I pick you as my coach versus the 1000′s of other coaches available in this genre?” Answers vary, but people generally tell me some story about their experience.

Expertise is said to have come from two things — experience (and loads of it) or education.

Experience doesn’t mean you once went through it for a month or two. It means you lived it, breathed it, and slept it for years. You didn’t just have money issues, you were living on the street and now have millions because of your mindset and strategies!

You have to know your topic inside and out, sideways, upside down, and blindfolded. There’s barely a question you can’t answer on your subject. You normally have some incredibly entertaining stories, tragedies, lessons learned, and stories of mistakes made.

I hope this is making sense. I cannot stress it enough — you have to be an expert. I believe people who are true experts know it in their heart and soul. So let’s say you’re a genuine expert and you’re going to take this seriously and put in the time and money it takes to “make it online.”

Women Entrepreneurs:  Are you making 6 Figures yet…let us show you how!!

HOW do you do it?

I’ll give you the shortest, easiest answer you’ll ever hear. It might bum you out, but it’s the truth.

1. Relationships: If you opened a shoe business on Main Street in your home town, what would you do for marketing? Would you sit in your store and hope people come in — or would you go out and meet people?

Sure! Eventually you would make friends and they would tell their friends about you. It’s the same concept online. Find synergy, make friends, and cross-promote each other’s stuff as an affiliate or as a joint venture.

2. Content Creation, Done Consistently: This is the stickler. Suddenly these serious-minded subject matter experts are learning to build websites, set up autoresponders, do teleseminars, and more.

Why? If I need to get my nails done, I don’t get to beauty school to learn to give myself a manicure!

You create content — and do it often! Create audios for podcasts, write blog posts, write tweets, Facebook status updates, create ebooks, and more. Your team can go out and promote these, and can also give you great ideas on how and where else to promote these for exposure.

Here’s the bottom line… there are too many software products that promise to make you rich overnight. It’s making the software author rich. There’s no short cut… it’s just hard work and time. So save yourself some heartache and go after it the real way. Once you make it, you’ll laugh at all those “overnight success” stories and those “get rich quick” seekers.

The good news in all of this is that it’s absolutely possible and happens to real people like you and me! So do NOT give up! Just adjust your mindset and expectations, and someday you’ll be living the life you truly want!

Women Entrepreneurs:  Are you making 6 Figures yet…let us show you how!!

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Attract Superstar Attention Everywhere You Go

A great article By Kristie Kennedy !

We live in an extremely noisy world, and every day a plethora of individuals are vying for attention in the marketplace. Consumers are KristieKennedy_AttractSuperstarAttentionbecoming increasingly business savvy and highly selective regarding who receives an open invitation into their private space. As a leader, how can you stand out in the crowd and command star power attention wherever you are?

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending a spectacular women’s business conference in Boca Raton, Florida. When you attend a networking event, be prepared to get bombarded with sales pitch after sales pitch! In this type of setting, it is a rarity to experience a genuine and authentic connection where a business relationship can evolve organically.

During one of the breaks between teaching sessions, a woman came up to me and abruptly asked, “Do you have a business card?” I was startled initially, especially since she never extended the courtesy of a proper greeting. At that moment I asked her, “What is your name?” She pointed to her name tag and alluded to the fact that it was written clearly for me to see. Wow! Then she proceeded to ask if she could mail me a few products to sample. In reply, I stated, “I’m sorry, but not at this time.” Her volcanic rebuttal, “What do you mean not at this time!”

It was getting worse by the minute. At that second, I realized this was a teachable moment, and I began to provide positive feedback about her really disturbing approach. After I shared my thoughts, she apologized for being overly aggressive.

In summary, she was adamant that she had to do what was necessary in order to ultimately close a sale.

If you offend a prospect during the initial phase of connecting, it will be quite difficult to win them during the final process of the sales cycle. We must be aware of behaviors that create a great first impression and a favorable lasting impression.

Here are five superstar qualities to help you shine bright wherever you are:

  1. Dress to impress! One of the first things people see when you walk into a room is your attire. Are you dressed as a person living large and in charge?
  2. Commanding Presence: You walk with authority and power in your sway! Possessing a dynamic energy and charismatic appeal, you have a natural ability to make everyone around you feel important.
  3. Eye Contact: We will never find your eyes wandering around like a lost lamb in a crowd. You purposely focus on each person during conversational dialogue.
  4. Be interested and interesting: When you meet someone new, you are very inquisitive and take the time to learn commonalities you each share. In exchange, they are elated to encounter your sparkling personality as well.
  5. Smile: Your facial disposition is warm, friendly and inviting! When you smile, the room is filled with a bright light than is impossible to ignore.

For information on looking the best you can and making a 6 Figure Income in this tight economy:

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Did You Hear About Marisa?

By Showcasing Women on September 23, 2013

Today we are sharing Marisa’s amazing story…

Marisa decided to start a business so that she could have freedom and earn more income than with her J-O-B. She left skid marks leaving6-Figure-Circle-Facebook-Text-Large her 9-to-5 job and threw herself wholeheartedly into her new business. From that point forward Marisa lived happily ever after!!

Just kidding.

That would be a pretty hard-to-believe story, right?

Here’s why – most people hide the truth from others. Here’s what really happened…

Marisa started her fabulous business by getting super-cool business cards, setting up her Twitter and Facebook pages, and started tweeting and posting her services. Soon she discovered that “doing what she loved” turned out to be a lot harder than she had expected.

She also discovered that she really needed a website and squeeze pages and lead capture strategies… oh my! More money, more money, more money out the door, before making any. Ugh!

Suddenly she had to market herself, do social media, manage her time and money, figure out how to use new business tools, create materials for her customers, try to get free publicity, find a mentor who she could afford, and so much more.

Marisa discovered she was working way more than she wanted, and was enjoying it less and less each day – and was in no way going to make 6-figures any time soon. While she planned for a few months of getting up to speed… she was in overwhelm. A year later, she had only made $23,458 total dollars.

(Don’t worry; there is a knight on a white horse coming to save the day!)

One day as Marisa was scrolling through her inbox she found an invitation to join the 6-Figure Circle! All of her troubles were over. Suddenly she had a world-class website, capture pages, videos, mentors who have made 6- and 7-Figures, a support team and something to offer customers and prospects that everybody wanted.

Sound too good to be true? Well, now for the rest of the story…

When we started, our purpose was to birth a safe place for Women Entrepreneurs to learn, share, and thrive.

Two years later not only have we created that, but we have learned so much more about the needs of Women Entrepreneurs. And what we learned really surprised us. In fact, we were downright shocked! Here is the real cold hard truth about being an entrepreneur…

The #1 challenge that entrepreneurs face is managing all of the moving parts of their business and turning a tidy profit. In fact, most of the entrepreneurs we work with have been struggling to reach 6-figures when they come to us!

Unfortunately, many heads nod in agreement when reading this because people can relate to this frustration and challenge.

Women are multi-taskers. Naturally we expect that managing all of the pieces to a business and making a good profit would be easy-peasy for a woman. But we were wrong!

And here is why…

Reason 1 – without good mentors it is hard to stay focused on what really ads to your bottom line.
Reason 2 – without the money and proper resources to start and grow your business properly it can take years and years to finally start making 6-figures and beyond.
Reason 3 – women often let emotions make their financial decisions.

We’re about to change all of this. It’s time to make business simpler and to turn a fabulous profit!

Introducing the 6-Figure Circle – created by the founders of Showcasing Women. The 6-Figure Circle is a dynamic project designed to take a small group of women to the top, and be led by a team who have already done it!

The 6-Figure Circle is designed for the Women Entrepreneur who wants three things:

  1. A fabulous 6-Figure income and she is willing to work for it with NO excuses.
  2. Mentors who have already earned 6 and 7-figures and will work in the trenches training you step-by-step.
  3. A proven “business-in-a-box” that is based on social and relationship marketing.

Are you that savvy woman?

If you are, then visit us at and learn how we can help you own a business that actually makes you money while having fun with great people.

“This article is reprinted with permission by, the Premier Resource For 30+ Million Women Entrepreneurs. Visit them for free instant access to their Success Tools.”