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 Our Mission A Community Win-Win                                                                          

• Create a online turnkey enterprise

• US city & campus communities

• Offer free member deals, prizes & fun

• No cost to low cost merchant turn-key advertising

• Create local revenue & franchising

       Meet John Dough                                                                                   3c96fa35de1f4d6daf8466e9de66a3fe

CommunityCash, INC

Community Cash, a Nevada based corporation founded by RJ Suitor, is a team of writers, designers, entrepreneurs, know-hows, go-getters, tech-geeks, and one random guy. We work hard and love what we do, and would be proud to wear company branded t-shirts in public…if they ever give us any.

What we do. Community Cash combines hard-to-beat daily deals, gift giving, referral cash, and more to strengthen and grow local communities. Community Cash’s locally branded communities work together to offer members the opportunity to shop with discounts of up to 90% in local shops and businesses. We are giving communities what they really need: a hero. Not the kind in a tight-fitting suit with the underwear on the outside.
We support…
Local Businesses. Many small businesses are struggling in these hard economic times. We’re here to help. These discounts aim to increase traffic and revenue for the local businesses, opening up opportunities and introducing shoppers to otherwise unsolicited venues.

Community Members. Who wouldn’t enjoy prices from 50-90% off? Our goal is to get members out of their routine and experience something a little more…exciting. Whether it’s skydiving or having a breakfast date at your local cafe, Community Cash wants to be a part of it. We are a network of locally branded online community advertising companies offering community members local online shopping deals, games, prizes and fun. With referral cash and gift giving options, it’s hard for anyone to not want to be a part of Community Cash.

Civic Groups. Having a sense of community is very important to us, so we partner up with local civic groups to help them promote their cause. We offer many opportunities for civic groups, churches, and other non-profit organizations to get rewarded. Civic groups gain support, and community members are able to make an impact while doing what they love to do…shop!

Our CEO And Founder


 RJ Suitor

Our Board Of Directors

JohnKay2a_opt    Clark_opt   Chambers001_opt_opt

     John Kay            John Clark     Ray Chambers


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