Food banks brace for wave of hungry masses from federal food stamp cuts

The federal food stamp program known as the “Supplemental Nutrition and Assistance Program” (SNAP) has now been cut by a small amount — just $36 / month for a family of four. But even this tiny reduction in a national entitlement program is causing shockwaves acrossServing-Food-Poor-Beggar-Homeless the nation as food banks scramble to handle the anticipated surge in “hungry masses.”

“Food banks across the country, stretched thin in the aftermath of the recession, are bracing for more people coming through their doors in the wake of cuts to the federal food stamp program,” writes USA Today.

There are almost 50 million Americans on food stamps right now. A family of four used to receive roughly $600 / month from the government, but that amount has now been cut by around six percent. The fact that this $36 reduction is causing so much panic underscores just how deeply millions of Americans have come to depend on government money to simply survive.

Cuts deemed “catastrophic” for many people

These cuts, “will be close to catastrophic for many people,” said Ross Fraser, a spokesman for Feeding America, as quoted in a story by CBS News.

“It’s going to send people into a charitable system that’s already overwhelmed and screaming for help itself,” says Jim Weill of the Food Research and Action Center, also quoted in that same CBS story.

CBS somehow blames the massive increase in food stamps on the “housing crash” of 2006 – 2007, utterly failing to mention that widespread joblessness is being caused by Obama’s economic policies and the disastrous Obamacare program itself. Instead, CBS says:

…Participation in SNAP has soared during the epic downturn and ongoing job slump that followed the housing crash, with an additional 21 million people added to the rolls since 2008.

Already talk of “food riots”

“If you look across the world, riots always begin typically the same way: when people cannot afford to eat food,” said Margarette Purvis, the president and CEO of the Food Bank for New York City, as quoted in a article.

“Our members are panicking,” Purvis told NBC News, adding that “We’re telling everyone to make sure that you are prepared for longer lines.”

The question on everybody’s minds, of course, is: What happens when the available food runs out and millions go hungry? While that scenario may not unfold this year, the fact that more and more people are losing their jobs and needing food stamps to survive inevitably puts an increased burden on food banks, too.

Don’t confuse SNAP food stamp program with “nutrition”

Just for the record, by the way, the federal food stamp program is full of fraud and abuse. People sell EBT cards for cash on Craigslist, for example, and many retail stores have been busted trading cash for card charges, allowing food stamp recipients to acquire cash they use to buy crack, meth or other drugs.

Even when used for food, the SNAP program is often used to buy toxic, highly-processed junk food products. EBT cards can be used to buy cookies, sodas, toxic hot dogs and processed meats, foods contaminated with pesticides and heavy metals, and other toxic products that drive up long-term health care costs.

Personally, I support having a basic food safety net in place for needy families but only if credits can be used to buy truly nutritious foods, not processed junk foods that enrich wealthy food corporations.

Why should taxpayers foot the bill, after all, for toxic products that make families and children sick? This is especially true when you consider that taxpayers have to pay a second time for the health care costs associated with such poor food habits. For every dollar spent on junk foods today, somebody’s going to have to pony up another $5 – $10 later on to cover the health care costs associated with that food. (Have you priced cancer treatments lately?)

The best food stamp program would be to end Obamacare and restore jobs across America

At the risk of offending socialist entitlement-state worshippers who remain astonishingly ignorant about economics, allow me to point out the obvious here: The only reason so many people are on food stamps is because their jobs are being systematically destroyed by disastrous government economic policies and the Obamacare program in particular.

Thanks to Obamacare, employers everywhere are slashing hours, cutting jobs and giving people pink slips in record numbers. The Obamacare mandate simply makes it too expensive to keep as many employees on the payroll, so they’re getting dropped.

Most people on food stamps would rather have a job that pays enough to buy their own food! But in this economic downfall that has accelerated since Obama’s election in 2008, there are fewer and fewer opportunities even for people who want to work.
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Paralyzed politicians reveal just how close the U.S. government is to total collapse

Anyone looking for evidence of the impending total failure of the U.S.  government need look no further than the shenanigans taking place right now in  Washington D.C.
To summarize:
• As the nation hurtles toward an  inevitable debt collapse, the Obama administration insists the answer is to pile  on more debt by raising the debt ceiling. Anyone who disagrees with this is  being characterized an “anarchist.”
• Unless the debt ceiling is raised,  the U.S. Treasury will default on hundreds of billions of dollars in debt  obligations in less than a Capital-Building-Governmentmonth. Such a default would absolutely wreck the  credit worthiness of the USA, causing the future debt burden to start wildly  multiplying in a runaway mathematical blowout that can only end in financial  collapse.
• Obamacare, a broken system of coerced, unconstitutional  health insurance mandates, is already causing widespread  economic disaster across the country as tens of millions of people are  losing their jobs, having their hours cut, or seeing their company-sponsored  health plans cancelled. But the socialist philosophy of Obamacare is so central  to the political left that they are viciously defending it at all costs. If  Obamacare fails, the socialist fantasies of the left go down the drain with it,  and they can’t let that happen… not even if it means medically bankrupting  millions of Americans thanks to the outrageously high costs of health insurance  everyone is now forced to buy.
• As political leverage in all this, the  federal government is  supposedly “shut down,” but the IRS is still collecting money, the TSA is still  groping travelers at the airport, and billions of dollars in government waste is  still accruing each week. To make the shut down appear worse, the Obama administration erected tall barriers around World War II veterans’ memorials,  desperately attempting to dramatize the shut down while blaming the Republicans.  (This also shows the utter disrespect for American veterans who fought for the  very freedoms Obama seems to enjoy destroying at every opportunity.)
•  The mainstream media, ever the pathetic defenders of failed “hope and change”  rhetoric, is still running interference for the Obama administration, pretending  that all this is the fault of Republicans and that somehow Democrats had no part  in any of it. The very idea that Republicans might want to negotiate a mutual  agreement rather than bowing down to the destructive wrath of Obamacare is  heavily and repeatedly criticized by the media. How dare you want to negotiate!  Peasants don’t negotiate with kings! They bow down and kiss feet!

You are watching the slow-motion collapse of the U.S. government

What  you are witnessing here is the utter failure of the U.S. federal  government — a failure that may portend an even more sobering failure soon  to come.
This is a government that has:
• Run out of money •  Run out of credibility • Run out of ideas • Run out of trust from the  People • Run out of excuses for its utter abandonment of law, justice and the  will of the People
Maybe it’s time that We the People ran them all out of  Washington, eh? It’s certainly clear to the American people at this point that virtually no one in Washington represents their interests  anymore… the exceptions being a very small number of stoic defenders of  fundamental freedom like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz. For their efforts to stand firm  against the government steamrolling the entire economy into oblivion, they are  being called “anarchists” by Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid, an all-out  wretched apologist for endless, cancerous growth of the institution of  government.

What happens if 25 million federal paychecks suddenly stop?

As I’m  watching all this, I can’t help but wonder just how much more the American  people are going to take before they fill the streets in protest. Or, even  worse, what happens if the so-called “desperate measures” now being invoked by  the Treasury can’t hold out long enough and the entire system goes into  financial default?
What happens in just one week across America if all  the people dependent on government don’t receive their paychecks? Imagine: 25  million full-time and part-time federal employees suddenly waking up and  realizing there is no paycheck; there is no retirement; there is no free health  care and there is no “faith and credit of the United States  government.”
I could tell you almost exactly what’s going to happen when  that day comes, but you probably wouldn’t believe it anyway, so I’ll save that  explanation for when the time is right. But I will give you the hint (wink wink)  that you’d better brush up on reading and buy everything ever written by James Wesley  Rawles, because unless an unprecedented holy miracle occurs that defies the  laws of economics, there is no saving the U.S. government from its own financial  destruction.

If the U.S. government were a hospital patient, you’d pull the plug out of  sheer mercy

The only real question is how long it will take for the People  to finally lose sufficient faith in this failed government to actually pull the  plug and shut it down permanently. If you think of the U.S. government as a  hospital patient, it’s being kept alive with an artificial lung, an IV feeding  tube, a cocktail of toxic blood thinners and a bedside defibrillator. The crash  cart is on standby and the heart monitor is showing a failing pulse headed  towards flatline.
The Fed stands ready with a syringe full of adrenaline  (labeled “Quantitative Easing”), but the patient has already been injected  fifty-seven times, and no one knows how much more the patient’s heart can handle  before exploding.

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Congress exempts itself from Obamacare

I wish I could say I was shocked by President Obama’s decision to exempt lawmakers and their staffs from the ravages of his signature “healthcare reform” law, but I’m not.

For one, the president has issued so many waivers and exemptions to political allies since the U.S. Supreme Court mistakenly upheld the US-Senate-Building-Congress-Meeting-Law-America-Flaglaw as constitutional that it figured he would do the same for Congress. And two, back in May, the leaders of both parties were caught negotiating in secret to find a way to exempt themselves from a law the Legislative Branch passed [].

Granted, the decision to largely exempt lawmakers “officially” came from a “ruling” issued by the Office of Personnel Management. But the OPM is part of the federal bureaucracy, and the federal bureaucracy is managed by the Executive Branch, which is headed by the president. Plus, it’s being reported that Obama personally intervened to ensure this “ruling” was issued.

Now that lawmakers, who have touted this law as the end-all, be-all of healthcare reform, have successfully managed to exempt themselves from its ravages, what about the rest of us? What recourse do we have?

The argument to defund

The answer lies in the House’s so-called power of the purse. Lawmakers can vote to defund Obamacare, because it really is the only way to keep this disastrous law from destroying what’s left of our healthcare system.

I know, many of the talking heads have pooh-poohed this idea as political suicide. They argue, and rightfully so, that proponents of defunding Obamacare will be pilloried by the ruling class and savaged by the mainstream media.

But what is better – taking flack for doing the right thing, or allowing this law to ravage our healthcare and health insurance industries (because it will)?

Plus, there are arguments to be made for defunding – arguments that cannot be refuted if articulated well.

First, lawmakers – most of whom happen to be Republicans – arguing to defund Obamacare are talking only about defunding Obamacare, not shutting down the government, as has been widely reported. If the House votes to defund only Obamacare and the Democrat-controlled Senate and its majority leader, Obama sycophant Harry Reid of Nevada, refuse to consider the House-passed budget bill, it will be difficult for them to spin that. They will try to blame Republicans for “shutting down the government,” but the simple retort is to explain that, hey, ‘The GOP has funded everything but Obamacare. Reid is the one preventing passage of the rest of the budget.’

They can use the non-construction of a border fence along the U.S. southwest border as an example. A 700-mile border fence was mandated in a 2006 law signed by President George W. Bush. But most of it was never built because Congress didn’t fund it. And guess what? The government didn’t shut down over it. The same principle applies here; if Reid and Obama won’t approve a budget minus Obamacare funding, that’s on them.

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