Joy In The Journey

Great article by Angela Giles, one of the founders of Showcasing Women.

As the New Year begins to unfold, we all resolve to make changes and set goals.

So why is it that only 8% of people follow through and achieve their New Year’s resolutions? It isn’t for lack of wanting to. JoyGenerally, people really want to make changes. Yet, the biggest excuse at the end of the year is that “life just got in the way.” But what is the real reason?

There have been many articles written around the subject as to the reasons behind the vague excuse that “life just got in the way.” In fact, Forbes recently outlined some of the major reasons in their latest blog post “Just 8% of People Achieve Their New Year’s Resolutions – Here’s How They Did It”, on January 1, 2014. Here were some of their most popular reasons:

➢ People have so many competing priorities it is near impossible. The solution recommended is to keep resolutions simple.
➢ Many resolutions are too vague. The solution was to set specific tangible goals.
➢ Resolutions were not obvious. The suggestion was to chart your goals in a specific manner.

However, there is an inherent underlying reason that eclipses all of those mentioned above. If this “challenge” could be handled, than all of the other reasons and excuses would just melt away and not be an issue.

The REAL reason is that people just don’t find “Joy in the Journey” of achieving their goals throughout the year.

We’re all on a new journey in 2014. Let’s do this together! Here are 3 tips for how you can find joy in your journey this year:

1. Avoid Making Comparisons
Comparing ourselves with others usually leaves us feeling either prideful or defeated, and most definitely joyless. Be grateful daily for who you are and for the gifts that make you unique and special.

2. Squash All Negative Thoughts
Someone once said, “Whatever you think, you say. Whatever you believe, you do.” Negative thoughts can only poison our minds if we carry them around on our shirtsleeves daily. As soon as you’re aware of a negative thought, imagine squashing it under your foot and grinding it into the ground. Then immediately replace the negative thought with a positive one. Our thoughts have a powerful effect on our beliefs and actions once they find a home in our minds and hearts.

3. Applaud Each Day’s Successes – Including Those Of Others
You lost another pound. Give yourself a hand! You took another step towards starting your new business. Good for you! You pushed through a fear. Yeah!

Seek out ways to contribute to the success of others. Celebrate someone else’s triumph each day, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem. Life is filled with small blessings that add up to a joyful journey; so don’t miss a single one. Write them down in a “Joy Journal” that you start now and continue with throughout the year.

We look forward to hearing from you. Share your joys with us on our Facebook page and inspire other women in process. Joy to you!

Look the Very Best You Can this Year. Live Healthy and Wealthy!!

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Establish Your Company Culture Before Hiring

Have you ever had this experience?

You hire someone that you think would be perfect for a position and you are thrilled. They start working with you and then little “red flags” CompanyCulturestart appearing. The little red flags might be one of the following items:

  • Aren’t able to complete a simple task you think they should be able to do with their eyes closed
  • Their attitude seems a little “smirky” at times when you ask them to do something
  • They do disappearing acts for hours at a time (more common with “virtual” employees or contractors)
  • Projects aren’t getting done in a timely manner and there is always an excuse

If this has happened to you… you’re not alone. It has happened to nearly every small business owner at some point. And why is that?

The answer is simple… things have changed in the global marketplace. It used to be that when hiring an individual you clearly matched a person’s skill sets with the tasks and responsibilities of the position. And that was that. In today’s workplace, another critical factor comes into play, and that is the CULTURE of a company.

A company’s culture includes its mission and values, but also things like goals, expectations, work environment, ethics, and more. Think of company culture like a personality, with that personality being how employees will relate to and fit in with a company.

In this fast-paced business world, employees want and need to feel they fit in with the culture of a company. It isn’t the same value system where you just went to work, did your job, and went home. Today, people often view their job as part of their identity and their colleagues as extended family… their job becomes a cohesive part of who they are. Company cultures are different from even ten years ago in that there is a vast array of different cultures across a broad spectrum of companies. Hence, it is more important than ever to identify YOUR company culture before you begin hiring people.

In the case of Showcasing Women, we wanted to set the stage with an all-virtual team. In our early days, we had this glamorous image of a team of self-motivated women working together virtually. It started out just fine, but we quickly learned that just because someone portrayed themself as a self-starter it wasn’t always the case. As a small business in start-up mode, that affected our productivity in a big way.

We also learned that even if someone had the right skill set, if they didn’t understand or relate to a start-up ‘culture’ where things shifted at a moment’s notice, it became difficult for everyone. Case in point, we had an excellent virtual team member who was dedicated and self-motivated in every way. However, any time a change was made, she became antagonistic and complained. Why? Simply put, she wasn’t adaptable to the culture of a start-up where things can change overnight.

The lesson we learned through this experience is that a business needs to identify and understand its culture BEFORE beginning the process of hiring employees or contractors, including those that work virtually. After going through some initial hiccups, we began following six key components to identify and create the culture we wanted for Showcasing Women. They are:

  1. Create a core set of beliefs that your company stands for. In our case, our core set of beliefs is around women entrepreneurs learning, sharing, and thriving.
  2. Share stories about what your business is passionate about, why you started it, where it is headed, and why you do what you do. People are attracted and motivated to work within a culture they believe in.
  3. Clear objectives are essential. Let your employees thrive in their own wheelhouses. The most productive business cultures are where employees are trusted to use their creativity to solve challenges and do incredible work.
  4. Mentored leadership is really important. “You are only as strong as your weakest link.” You can’t attract the right talent and take employees further if you don’t invest the time in training them to take on leadership roles within the company’s cultural community.
  5. Ownership has its place. The employee who has an ownership mindset and sees their role as a crucial part of a company’s success will do everything in their power to help the business achieve its goals and maintain its culture with harmony.
  6. Offer a carrot. Give your employees a piece of the pie with different incentives. This creates a culture of dedicated people working with the same vision and striving to meet goals.

By utilizing these core cultural elements, we are now able to hire individuals that fit within our culture. Our employees and independent contractors thrive, we maximize our effectiveness, and everyone continues to grow our company’s bottom line.

To learn more about company culture, check out the interesting statistics on this wonderful infographic. We look forward to seeing your Comments below. Here’s to your company culture and to great employees!

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Remedies for common skin problems like wrinkles, stretch marks and acne

The usual skin creams, lotions, or salves promoted on TV or on slick magazine ads are not effective for wrinkles, stretch marks, acne, and other skin problems. They often make matters worse, they’re expensive, and some even contain carcinogenic components.Sunshine-Healthy-Skin

Pharmaceutical applications prescribed by dermatologists can be just as ineffective and harmful, and probably more expensive. Your skin is your largest organ. It is your immune system’s first line of defense. However, some ingredients can eventually be absorbed into your bloodstream.

Using natural ingredients on your skin is a wiser first choice, if you know what is likely to work for any undesirable skin condition.

Highlighting topically applied natural skin remedies

Here are some suggestions starting from the most serious, non-impact injury troublesome skin conditions, to the least threatening.

Skin cancers (non-melanoma) and warts are reportedly cured by extracts from eggplant. UK physician Dr. Bill Cham, MD, PhD, observed Australian farmers and veterinarians curing farm animals of skin cancer with a folk remedy extracted from the Australian Devil’s Apple plant.

So he took samples of Devil’s Apple and studied them to determine their active ingredients. Since Devil’s Apple is not easily found everywhere, he looked for an easier alternative source that contained the same phytonutrient glycocides and glycoalkaloids that were the cancer curing agents of Devil’s Apple.

That turned out to be eggplant. So Dr. Cham created a cream using those compounds from eggplant to sell commercially known as BEC5. Though condemned by mainstream dermatology, which insists you avoid sunshine to escape skin cancer,

Dr. Jonathan Wright MD, founder of the holistic Tahoma Clinic in the Seattle, Washington area promotes Dr. Cham’s BECS product.

You can even make your own extract of eggplant solution that some have tried with success, explained here:

Herpes and several other skin irritations, including eczema, dermatitis, and tinea are easily remedied by topical applications of aloe vera gel. Aloe vera is antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal.

Use the highest quality organic gel you can find, or better yet, grow your own. Pealing or cutting a leaf of the plant exposes its healing gel, which can be directly applied to infected areas.

Here are more detailed instructions for using aloe vera topically on a variety of skin problems:

Tinea is a skin surface fungus that can manifest as athlete’s foot, ring worm, or genital area skin irritations for women and men (jock itch). Ringworm has the red ring look and can appear almost anywhere. Other tinea contaminated areas can appear somewhat red or display a white, scaly appearance.

Tinea is a fungus that loves warm, damp areas and makes those areas itch almost incessantly. The most common topical application that is usually effective is tea tree oil. It’s an indigenous folk remedy that has proven itself in Western medicine clinical trials.

Neem is another good natural topical remedy for tinea. The salve usually works well, and if you can find an ozonated or oxygenated tea tree oil or neem salve, go for it. You can get some relief from pure unpasteurized apple cider vinegar as well.

Here’s what Chris Kilham, a botany professor at University of Massachusetts Amherst recommends for winkles, stretch marks, and acne:

For wrinkles, try using remedies that contain comfrey, calendula and lavender. Maca powder is also an excellent choice for helping skin remain youthful.

Read more tips by clicking the link below.

Learn more:

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Smart Women Take Trend Spotting Way Beyond Fashion

Remember how “big jewelry” was all the rage in the 1980’s? Depending on your age, you’ve either seen photos of those huge hoop earrings, or actually wore them yourself. I fall into the latter category. Shortly after I had stocked up on enormous earrings, tiny earrings were suddenly everywhere! If you wore a pair of large earrings in the 1990’s, you were dated, plain and simple.TrendSpotting-290x300

Trends in fashion are easy to spot. All you have to do is look at the runway. Trends, however, also drive businesses, the stock market, and the real estate market. They drive consumer attitudes, career opportunities and lifestyles. Trends determine the colors we use in our homes and in our wardrobes, the cars we drive, the places we shop and the food we eat. They influence the websites we visit, the products we buy and the way we communicate. Just look at Facebook and Pinterest! Trends are everywhere, just inviting you to play with them.

Embracing trends creates exciting opportunities for wealth creation. Investors and entrepreneurs alike who have the ability to spot trends and capitalize on them early in the cycle are ahead of the game. Let’s look at some important elements of trends so that you can develop your ability to make money from them.

Trends last longer than you think they will. Even in the world of fashion, major trends last for several years. Think flat front pants vs. pleated pants. In the business world, some very long term trends, or cycles, can last for decades. Attitude trends last for about 17 years. For example, now the consumer attitude trend is value and under consumption after a long period of excess, debt creation and overspending. Is there a way you can adapt your company or career to capture this trend?

Trend capturing sometimes requires boldness. Anyone reading this knows that the real estate market peaked in late 2007. Now it’s trending up again. It’s still near the bottom of that upward movement in many areas of the United States. While something could happen to stall or reverse this trend, such as increased interest rates, trends tend to play out over the longer term. The most recent real estate cycle lasted for about four years if you consider late 2007 to late 2011, give or take.

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