Boring Brands Don’t Sell: 3 Tips for Success!

Featured writer Ann Evanston.

I am known for saying, “There are a million people who do what you do; there is only one you that makes it truly unique.”

Too often I think people take this quote with a grain of salt. Just take a look at the CHOICES your potential customer has! Go research AnnEvanston_BoringBrandsDontSellrelated products and services. Heck, if you shop for cereal, you know how many choices there are!

Have you ever looked at how many choices and brands there are for what YOU do? (I guess if you’re on Facebook all day you might feel like EVERYONE does what you do! LOL) Do you buy soap? Have you wanted or hired a coach? There are a million brands out there.

And EVERY brand means there are MANY choices… for YOUR potential customer.

If you have fallen into the trap of just claiming what you do, and not stepping into who you are, you’ve probably hit a plateau in your small business success.

And there is a good chance it’s because you sound like everyone else that does what you do.

When I go to networking events, honestly, if I hear another person say, “Hi, my name is_______, and I’m a _______” I think I’m going to scream! It is SO generic!

Many people, as they hear that, are thinking: “So what? Why you? I’ve met five of you today, so why you?” Heck, if you’re lucky that’s what they are saying — most aren’t even listening because they are ready to bore you with the same dang speech!

As you develop your business and want to go to the next level, it’s time to consider the energetic personality of your brand. Energy is everywhere. In person it makes perfect sense, but I believe it is even online. Can people FEEL the energy of your brand? Does it move them? Call them? Make them want to be a part? Or is the energy of your brand just milk-toast? Vanilla? Just shoving the facts of what you DO at them?

See, you don’t want to be one IN a million, not if you want success. You want to be one OF a million.

Here are three great ways to making this happen:

First: Look at YOU. Look at your personality, your background, your choices and decisions, your values, your passions. Breathe YOU into your brand.

I often hear people say, “But Ann, I want to be able to SELL my company down the road. If I make it all about me, I can’t do that.” Really? So Oprah, Tyra and Martha haven’t been able to do that? Even if your brand is NOT your name (mine isn’t, it’s Warrior-Preneur), the energy of “who you are” should move through EVERYTHING. My smart, savvy, sexy, sword-yielding direct personality is in everything I do for my business. (It’s even these articles for Showcasing Women, LOL!)

TIP: Pick the three to five energetic values of you and your brand. Put them into everything you market — online AND in person.

Second: Understand the power of storytelling. When I work with my clients on marketing strategy, I often find that storytelling is completely left out of their plan. Storytelling connects you to like-minded people. And like-minded people ARE your customers, potential customers and referral sources. So tell stories.

Many people think their lives and things they do are BORING. So they don’t tell stories. I don’t believe it takes the “extraordinary” story to call your potential buyers to your business. Do you cook? Tell a story. Love wine tasting? Tell a story. Go to church? Tell a story.

Oh, can you feel the fear? Some of you are thinking, “But Ann! If I tell stories about my passion for drinking wine, some people won’t hire me!”

Okay, time to draw a line for what I call your TRIBE. So what if EVERYONE doesn’t want you. You want the RIGHT ones to want you!

Here’s a great example. My husband and I are high density, organic, year-round urban gardeners. We love what we do and EAT. I frequently tell stories about my garden, the harvest, and what we are eating. Then, via Facebook, I was contacted to ask if I wanted to speak at a convention for raw foodies in business. Ah, YES! See, they are my tribe, not the fast-food convention!

TIP: Pick three stories that you can share when networking, online, in a blog or when speaking. Make them a part of your marketing strategy.

Third: Have an opinion. Draw a line. Choose a side. Yes! This is VERY powerful as an expert. See, true experts have an opinion. Is there more than one side? Of course. But when you write a blog about BOTH sides, you are playing it SAFE. So if you make a skin care product, are you organic or not, and why? If you teach marketing, have a clear opinion about marketing strategy, and stand up for it?

Opinions allow people to FEEL you and your brand. Walking both sides doesn’t offer that. And when people disagree, dialogue happens, which attracts your potential buyers even more! They LIKE that you stand your ground!

TIP: Brainstorm up two or three areas where you have a definite opinion in your field of expertise. Write about them and share.

It’s time to be one OF a million. You ready?

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