Attract Superstar Attention Everywhere You Go

A great article By Kristie Kennedy !

We live in an extremely noisy world, and every day a plethora of individuals are vying for attention in the marketplace. Consumers are KristieKennedy_AttractSuperstarAttentionbecoming increasingly business savvy and highly selective regarding who receives an open invitation into their private space. As a leader, how can you stand out in the crowd and command star power attention wherever you are?

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending a spectacular women’s business conference in Boca Raton, Florida. When you attend a networking event, be prepared to get bombarded with sales pitch after sales pitch! In this type of setting, it is a rarity to experience a genuine and authentic connection where a business relationship can evolve organically.

During one of the breaks between teaching sessions, a woman came up to me and abruptly asked, “Do you have a business card?” I was startled initially, especially since she never extended the courtesy of a proper greeting. At that moment I asked her, “What is your name?” She pointed to her name tag and alluded to the fact that it was written clearly for me to see. Wow! Then she proceeded to ask if she could mail me a few products to sample. In reply, I stated, “I’m sorry, but not at this time.” Her volcanic rebuttal, “What do you mean not at this time!”

It was getting worse by the minute. At that second, I realized this was a teachable moment, and I began to provide positive feedback about her really disturbing approach. After I shared my thoughts, she apologized for being overly aggressive.

In summary, she was adamant that she had to do what was necessary in order to ultimately close a sale.

If you offend a prospect during the initial phase of connecting, it will be quite difficult to win them during the final process of the sales cycle. We must be aware of behaviors that create a great first impression and a favorable lasting impression.

Here are five superstar qualities to help you shine bright wherever you are:

  1. Dress to impress! One of the first things people see when you walk into a room is your attire. Are you dressed as a person living large and in charge?
  2. Commanding Presence: You walk with authority and power in your sway! Possessing a dynamic energy and charismatic appeal, you have a natural ability to make everyone around you feel important.
  3. Eye Contact: We will never find your eyes wandering around like a lost lamb in a crowd. You purposely focus on each person during conversational dialogue.
  4. Be interested and interesting: When you meet someone new, you are very inquisitive and take the time to learn commonalities you each share. In exchange, they are elated to encounter your sparkling personality as well.
  5. Smile: Your facial disposition is warm, friendly and inviting! When you smile, the room is filled with a bright light than is impossible to ignore.

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