Did You Hear About Marisa?

By Showcasing Women on September 23, 2013

Today we are sharing Marisa’s amazing story…

Marisa decided to start a business so that she could have freedom and earn more income than with her J-O-B. She left skid marks leaving6-Figure-Circle-Facebook-Text-Large her 9-to-5 job and threw herself wholeheartedly into her new business. From that point forward Marisa lived happily ever after!!

Just kidding.

That would be a pretty hard-to-believe story, right?

Here’s why – most people hide the truth from others. Here’s what really happened…

Marisa started her fabulous business by getting super-cool business cards, setting up her Twitter and Facebook pages, and started tweeting and posting her services. Soon she discovered that “doing what she loved” turned out to be a lot harder than she had expected.

She also discovered that she really needed a website and squeeze pages and lead capture strategies… oh my! More money, more money, more money out the door, before making any. Ugh!

Suddenly she had to market herself, do social media, manage her time and money, figure out how to use new business tools, create materials for her customers, try to get free publicity, find a mentor who she could afford, and so much more.

Marisa discovered she was working way more than she wanted, and was enjoying it less and less each day – and was in no way going to make 6-figures any time soon. While she planned for a few months of getting up to speed… she was in overwhelm. A year later, she had only made $23,458 total dollars.

(Don’t worry; there is a knight on a white horse coming to save the day!)

One day as Marisa was scrolling through her inbox she found an invitation to join the 6-Figure Circle! All of her troubles were over. Suddenly she had a world-class website, capture pages, videos, mentors who have made 6- and 7-Figures, a support team and something to offer customers and prospects that everybody wanted.

Sound too good to be true? Well, now for the rest of the story…

When we started ShowcasingWomen.com, our purpose was to birth a safe place for Women Entrepreneurs to learn, share, and thrive.

Two years later not only have we created that, but we have learned so much more about the needs of Women Entrepreneurs. And what we learned really surprised us. In fact, we were downright shocked! Here is the real cold hard truth about being an entrepreneur…

The #1 challenge that entrepreneurs face is managing all of the moving parts of their business and turning a tidy profit. In fact, most of the entrepreneurs we work with have been struggling to reach 6-figures when they come to us!

Unfortunately, many heads nod in agreement when reading this because people can relate to this frustration and challenge.

Women are multi-taskers. Naturally we expect that managing all of the pieces to a business and making a good profit would be easy-peasy for a woman. But we were wrong!

And here is why…

Reason 1 – without good mentors it is hard to stay focused on what really ads to your bottom line.
Reason 2 – without the money and proper resources to start and grow your business properly it can take years and years to finally start making 6-figures and beyond.
Reason 3 – women often let emotions make their financial decisions.

We’re about to change all of this. It’s time to make business simpler and to turn a fabulous profit!

Introducing the 6-Figure Circle – created by the founders of Showcasing Women. The 6-Figure Circle is a dynamic project designed to take a small group of women to the top, and be led by a team who have already done it!

The 6-Figure Circle is designed for the Women Entrepreneur who wants three things:

  1. A fabulous 6-Figure income and she is willing to work for it with NO excuses.
  2. Mentors who have already earned 6 and 7-figures and will work in the trenches training you step-by-step.
  3. A proven “business-in-a-box” that is based on social and relationship marketing.

Are you that savvy woman?

If you are, then visit us at 6FigureCircle.com and learn how we can help you own a business that actually makes you money while having fun with great people.

“This article is reprinted with permission by ShowcasingWomen.com, the Premier Resource For 30+ Million Women Entrepreneurs. Visit them for free instant access to their Success Tools.”


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