3 Biggest Launch Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

Great article by, Kelly Azevedo .

When you are running an online business, how do you announce new offers, put on a sale or bring in new clients?

The launch.

Launches are a ton of fun, but they’re also stressful, challenging and time consuming because you take all of the normal business tasks likeLaunch1 messaging, pricing, advertising and customer service, and you lay that on top of email campaigns, web pages, shopping carts, social media and live calls.

It’s not for the faint of heart!

There are three major mistakes entrepreneurs make when they’re launching, and it’s time for you to know them – so you can avoid them.

Mistake #1:  Minimizing Your Reach

It’s precisely because launches are risky and scary that entrepreneurs pull back. The choices you make leading up to a launch can impact your reach, and thus, your sales.

If you do not include affiliates or supporters in your launch, you’re ignoring distribution channels. It helps to think like Coca-Cola… they don’t just have commercials, they have billboards, radio spots, bench ads, product placement and more. You don’t need millions to budget for these big venues – your venues are in the relationships with other people. Don’t ignore them!

You may also hold back on your own promotions by not advertising to increase traffic, only sending one or two emails, or relying on word-of-mouth for sales.

Launches are NOT the time to be shy.

Think of it this way… the biggest marketing campaign in America happens every four years – the Presidential race. Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent, and it’s something that influences every citizen across hundreds of issues. Yet even with all of the media, voter registration drives, and free stickers, the total turnout hasn’t topped 65% in five decades.

What makes you think that one or two emails will get YOU the results you want in your own launch?

Mistake #2:  Ending Too Soon

If the first challenge of your launch is getting people to show up and care about the topic, the second and more important challenge is getting them to BUY!

It is estimated to take seven marketing “touches” before someone will buy, which is why it’s a huge mistake to end your launch too soon. Sometimes this happens once the free call is over and you have a big sigh of relief. But it’s not time to stop working!

Your launch is not over after you announce the program. Nope, now is the time to show the value, reach your ideal clients and bring them from “I’m not sure” to “Yes! Let’s do this!”

Your launch is also not over after that free call or live stream or email series. This is the time to answer questions, clarify the offer, and continue to give value.

Your launch isn’t even over after the deadline. You would think after the doors close on an offer you can relax, right? Sorry, but now is the time to reach out to those who still need support, even though it’s notthis particular offer.

Let me be clear… no one does this next step. So, if YOU do this, you’ll be far and above your competitors. It’s so rare that this is actually the third and final mistake.

Mistake #3:  Ignoring Non-Buyers

By the time you’re ready to complete the launch you’re tired, emotional, and often ready to put it all behind you. But there’s an important group of people that you can’t ignore, and that’s the non-buyers.

First, they’re a great resource. Why didn’t they buy? What was confusing or poorly explained? This data, when you take the time to collect it, can dramatically improve sales on the re-launch.

Second, I firmly believe the people on your list are there for a reason. They need help with something and are trusting you to provide it. Just because the offer you recently launched wasn’t a good fit, doesn’t mean they dislike you.

As long as someone is on your list, they are giving implicit permission to share resources, suggestions, programs and products which can help them in an area of need.

So just like a follow-up campaign for buyers, you need to follow-up with those non-buyers and keep them in the conversation. Otherwise, you’re missing a myriad of selling opportunities – or worse, you’re turning people off because they are not “in” the inner circle.

I’m fond of saying that the #1 launch mistake you can make is sitting on your assets and not getting them out there to your audience. Don’t be intimidated! Even the experts are improving and adapting with every new launch.

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