Research proven: Chlorella protects and detoxifies your liver

Apparently, few are paying attention to the data on chlorella. Despite articles on chlorella’s nutrient and detoxification capacities, health conscious folks are not rushing the shelves of physical or online stores to make sure they get their daily doses of chlorella.  Green-Powder-Grass-Chlorella

Maybe it’s the yucky powder that’s too difficult for most. There are green tablets that are very easy to take with water, but you do have to take quite a few daily for an extended period of time.

Health Ranger Mike Adams explained the virtues of green superfoods in a special lengthy pdf report a few years ago. He suggested using chlorella as a superfood, because it is a food, up to five grams (5,000 mg) daily for some time. It generally takes a few weeks to become aware of the benefits. [1]

Chlorella powder is more economical, but most find it easier to woof down twenty tiny 250 mg tablets to get that five grams than figure out how many grams are in a tablespoon of chlorella and then find a way to cope with the taste.

We are bombarded by toxins in the air, water, food, and from within by mercury amalgam fillings! And our major pollutant filter, the liver, needs all the support it can get. Chlorella offers that support abundantly.

Perhaps some independent lab studies will contribute scientific evidence to support the anecdotal material you may have encountered.

Some samples of chlorella liver detox studies

There are two basic types of chlorella superfoods available on the market: Chlorella vulgaris (CV) and Chlorella pyrenoidosa (CP). Many consider CP superior, but you’ll see from the following studies that CV has plenty of detox power.

1) A study on mice induced with the heavy metal, cadmium (found in chemtrail residues), showed CV protected the mice from cadmium’s toxicity significantly and helped restore liver structure and function. [2]

2) Another study on mice, using the CV powder, Parachlorella beyerinckii, demonstrated that mice treated with CV had significantly less lead absorption in the kidneys and livers while showing more lead excreted in their feces than mice not fed the CV powder. [3]

3) This study produced stunning evidence of chlorella’s unpublicized anti-cancer property. This study involved hepatocarcinogenesis (liver becoming cancerous) induced rats. Chlorella vulgaris (CV) promoted apoptosis in the cancerous tumor cells. [4]

Apoptosis is programmed cell death, which normal cells do naturally as they’re being replaced by new cells. Cancer cells are not prone to this sacrificial programming. Cancer cell suicides have to be encouraged by metabolic interventions or they’ll continue forming tumors.

From perfect food to super detox agent

Early studies on chlorella were focused on its nutritional value. It appeared to be the perfect food, offering all the amino acids to form a complete protein and other nutrients. Meat’s whole proteins need to be broken down by pancreatic enzymes, which should be reserved for destroying cancer cells.

But at first, chlorella’s tough cell wall structure made digesting its nutrients too difficult. So different methods were created to crack the cell walls without destroying them. That’s what’s usually meant by “broken cell chlorella”.

It’s been determined that the cell walls of chlorella bind the heavy metals and other toxic pollutants to escort them out of vital organ tissues. So, although cracked for digestive purposes, they and the cells they protect shouldn’t be destroyed.

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