Breakthrough ‘AllerTrex’ spray introduced for supporting lungs and respiration

Global Healing Center has just released a breakthrough new product for supporting healthy lungs and respiration. Called “AllerTrex,” the oral spray product is a delicious Spagyrex formulation of herbs and essential oils that may help support healthy function of the lungs, sinuses and respiratory tract.

You’re probably already aware of the alarming number of air pollution sources that we all experience today: indoor air (with molds), Allertrex-Lung-Support-Formulaoutdoor air with allergens and particulate matter, automobile exhaust air on the highways, airplane cabin air during traveling and even household air contaminated with off-gassing formaldehyde, glues and other toxins.

You inhale and exhale roughly 20,000 times a day… what are you really inhaling with each breath? It all adds up to an assault on healthy respiration that affects hundreds of millions of people around the globe.

Dr. Edward Group III designed AllerTrex to provide nutritional support to help normalize lung function, breathing and respiration. AllerTrex is not a drug; it’s a powerful combination of herbs and essential oils that help support healthy body function.

The ingredients are all organic or wildcrafted, and they include:
Osha root, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Lungwort, Oregano, Plantain, Orange peel, Elecampane root, Lobelia and more.

AllerTrex is not a prescription drug, it’s a dietary supplement

Please note that in alignment with current FDA regulations, we do not claim AllerTrex will treat or cure any “disease” such as asthma. AllerTrex is not a medication. It is a dietary supplement formulated to help support the normal, healthy function of the lungs and other organs involved in respiration.

We can say that AllerTrex contains thousands of phytochemicals derived from the unique assortment of plant ingredients. We can also say that for those who feel they need additional support for their lungs, AllerTrex may be incredibly freeing and uplifting. The feedback I’m getting from people about AllerTrex is extremely positive, and this is from people who live in Central Texas where a surprisingly large percent of the population suffer from seasonal allergies due to high pollen circulation in the air.

If you feel you are suffering from a threatening medical breathing condition, please see your licensed naturopathic doctor. But if you simply want to support and uplift your breathing, AllerTrex may provide excellent support.

To read more on this article, click the link below. As an allergy sufferer, this was interesting to me.

Learn more:

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