Twitter Secrets Of The Stars!

Good advice from,  Tara Chatzakis, of Showcasing Women.  A must read for women and men a like.

Your online business is important, as is your social business presence. Do you take your social media seriously? It’s not something you can ignore anymore, but there are tools that you can use to help you get the most ROI (Return On Investment) for your time online.TwitterSecretsOfTheStars

One of the biggest and best social media platforms for any business is Twitter. Twitter has grown from a tiny birdie into an enormous eagle! People are on Twitter all day chatting – 140 characters at a time – about whatever topic happens to be trendy today. People discuss events, share up-to-the-minute activities, and exchange recipes. Businesses promote their special offers and direct people to their websites using links.

Social media is big business, and it helps create a big business, too. Twitter can be a great place to source leads, find potential clients, get customer feedback, generate friendships, and much more. That being said, you may feel that Twitter is a full-time job, which it can be. It’s my full-time job, after all, but it doesn’t have to be yours. There are ways you can work your social media like a pro, by learning some of the secrets of the stars!

You may have put off “getting social” before because you didn’t want to get sucked into the waste of time some of your peers may have told you social media is. The thing is that social media is not a waste; it should be fun, and there are apps you can use to make your time online cost-effective and a pleasure at the same time.

Once you have your Twitter business account going you need to stay on top of things, otherwise you’ll miss important information, leads and opportunities! Twitter streams move very quickly – literally hundreds of Tweets can pass through a home stream within a matter of minutes – so you can’t sit still for long. And using Twitter for business means you have a huge responsibility… once you get followers you have to offer them value for their time. Don’t presume that your Tweets will get read.  Make it worth your followers’ time to invest in you by giving them great content!

So exactly how do you, as a business, keep on top of it all?

My favorite all-time app for Twitter is HootSuite! It’s my online home. HootSuite is “the leading social media dashboard to manage and measure your social networks.” It says so on the box!

By creating a HootSuite account, you can…

  • Schedule your Tweets to go out throughout the day, so you can actually take off and go to the spa or play a round of golf and know that your Tweets are still being sent out for you! (Awesome, right?!)
  • Keep track of your Tweets, enabling you to thank people who are retweeting you or mentioning you. It lets you keep on top of customer feedback or jump in and address head-on any complaints or issues. That alone is totally priceless!
  • Check your Direct Message inbox and answer all of your private messages from there. So no need for those bothersome emails filling up your email inbox every day.
  • Add Twitter lists to your HootSuite streams, making it easy for you to locate your favorite tweeps or watch what’s being said around any hashtags that you use often.

Twitter is a business must-have. It gives you immediate interaction with your followers, and if you use it correctly it lets you reach even those who are not following you. The reach you can have with one Tweet alone is enormous. Social media is viral, and viral means that it only takes one comment and pretty soon everyone knows what happened – good or bad!

This platform is not necessarily a quick fix; it requires dedication and time. Invest in your business and your Twitter account. You will reap the rewards!

Visit today and sign up for an account. There is a paid version available, but starting with the free version will serve you just fine. Have fun with HootSuite – I know you’ll love the reach and interaction, and watching your business grow!

For more information and tools to build your business:

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