Customer Lovin’ + Free Content = More Revenue

Have you ever wondered why some brands are continuously growing and maintaining upward revenue momentum even during challenging circumstances, while others suffer? We bet you have! And the answer is really pretty simple – it’s all about the way they perceive and treat their customers!      CustomerLovin_FreeContent_MoreRevenue

Customers are the lifelines of a profitable business. And happy customers mean more revenue for two reasons: 1) they become repeat purchasers, and 2) they share their fabulous experiences with their social connections – who then become new customers themselves.

So how do you implement this cycle of customer acquisition, purchaser satisfaction, and ultimately increased revenue into your business? Listed below are five time-tested strategies that will help you increase your customer base, keep them happy, and maximize your revenue streams, all at the same time!

Free Content – Always lead with free content. At first this may seem scary because you want people to pay for your expertise by purchasing your products and services. Don’t worry, they will… if you give them a taste of what they can expect with fabulous, relevant content on the front end. There are endless ways to find free content online pertaining to your niche, without having to start from scratch. Set up Google Alerts with keywords specific to your industry and you will be notified via email anytime something new is indexed on Google. This is a great way to keep a pulse on what is going on in your field, and then you can serve it up to your customer base.

Variety Of Formats – Deliver your content in a variety of formats that will satisfy different personalities, preferences, and time availability – everybody learns in different ways. For example, an avid reader may prefer reading an article to watching a video. A visual learner may enjoy an appealing infographic to get their facts, while a person who spends a lot of time in their vehicle might want to listen to podcasts.

The good news is that this content can all be from the same source. For example, as a business owner, you might write a great blog post on time management tips which ends up attracting fantastic feedback. You can then turn that blog post into a video, a podcast, and even an infographic. We do this very thing on our website, and our customers are always watching for the next piece of content we share, and (hint) even the items we sell. Free content really can mean more revenue.

Deliver Via Various Channels – In today’s world of social media, content marketing, traditional marketing, and even building and nurturing a database, it is more important than ever to deliver your content through various channels. Customers follow individual patterns of devoting time to browsing around their favorite networks. For example, perhaps a majority of your customers hang out on Twitter and Pinterest, but some of them may be on Facebook or Google+, while even others may only have time for email communications.

Not only that, but some channels cater to one specific type of format. For example, Pinterest caters to images. As a result, infographics would be the perfect type of content to share through Pinterest. YouTube and other video platforms would be perfect to stream video content through to your audience. Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are all about social networking, so these platforms are wonderful for outright dialogue between you and your prospective customers. This brings us to…

Engagement – Keep a pulse on what your customers want by checking in with them. Listening and then engaging with them is a must if you want to stay in front of your competition. After all, how can customers love you if all you do is communicate AT them, but never listen and respond? An excellent strategy to find out what your customers are thinking is to do a search on Twitter using a keyword or hashtag specific to your niche. This will bring up the latest tweets around that particular topic or subject matter and will give you a great feel for what your audience is searching for, what they are saying, and what they need help with.

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