Dream It… Then DO It!

I think we all need to spend some time just fantasizing in order to connect with what our deep down desires really are. But just wishing, hoping and dreaming will only get you so far. There comes a time when you must take action.

When you are in the “dreaming about it” phase, you create an image in your mind, and a thought of how you would like something in your life to be. Maybe it’s a possession you desire, a business opportunity you’d like to see come to fruition, an outcome in a relationship, or anything else that you may want to change.  Dream_It_Then_Do_It

The next step is to then connect with the feeling of actually owning it, being there, or experiencing it… just like we did when we were children.

When I was small it was called “daydreaming” and it certainly was not encouraged. As an adult, I brought this belief with me, and thought dreaming about what I desired was a waste of time. It wasn’t my belief, it was someone else’s, but I chose to accept it. (Good thing I learned otherwise! And the beauty of it is, since I chose the belief, I could also choose to let it go.)

So, why must we go ahead and allow ourselves to dream about what we desire?

Think about this – if we don’t let the Universe know what we want, how can it ever present the way to accomplish it? So dreaming is important, but…

Now for the crucial next steps:

  1. You have got to pay attention to the opportunities presented to you as the Universe starts showing you the “how.”
  2. You have got to act on these messages and opportunities.

Remember that the Universe will open doors in ways you could never imagine, so it may be outside the realm of what you would normally pay attention to. Become a diligent observer! This is what “living in awareness” means – being aware and mindful of what is happening around you, and then following through with action.

When presented with new opportunities, I’ve found that quite often it’s scary for me, but only because it’s outside my comfort zone. Taking action is usually about stepping outside the norm – but as soon as I take action, it is no longer unknown, and the fear goes away!

This is a choice, so choose to take action on your dreams… it’s the only way to make them come true!

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