Annoying Facebook Friends: How To Avoid Them Without Having To Delete Them

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No doubt, from time to time, we can all find Facebook to be somewhat annoying. Scrolling through the news feed can become cumbersome, especially when the feed is full of people’s status updates about what they had for lunch, photos of what they had for lunch, annoying “news” of their recent retail therapy, or with continual updates throughout the day detailing their every move and motion.

Not to mention that girl you were at college with, the self-proclaimed artist / musician / therapist / yoga instructor who endlessly self-advertises herself through your news feed.

Annoying as these instances can be, deleting these people can be an extreme measure to take. Deleting people from your friends list can sometimes be more trouble than it is worth, especially when people can take it personally and end up either re-requesting you as a friend (embarrassing) or messaging to ask why you have deleted them (even more embarrassing!).  Annoying-Facebook-Friends

Here are a few easy and effective ways of removing annoying posts from your news feed without having to resort to the harsh deleting technique, and thus avoiding those sticky situations. These quick and easy alternatives will help clean up your news feed in no time!

Hide Posts:
Facebook allows you to “hide” an individual post which you may find annoying or offensive. Not only that, the process is unbelievably simple and takes no time at all. Simply click the arrow at the top right-hand corner of the post, then select the “Hide” option from the drop down menu. If necessary, you can also report the post as spam. From this decision Facebook will then prompt you to either organize your news feed or change the kind of updates you wish to view from your friend (covered in the next few points).

Organize Your News Feed:
By choosing this option, Facebook provides a short and simple process allowing you to easily customize your news feed. The option displays the friends and networks which you have not interacted with recently. Facebook then provides the option of seeing less of their posts, and also of optimizing these friends into groups and lists.

Optimize Updates From Friends:
If you still feel that you are seeing a little too much of a friend’s feed you can optimize your account to limit what you can see. Again, click on the “Hide” option and you will be provided with options allowing you to optimize what you see from this friend in the future. The options provided include fewer updates in general, and seeing photo or status updates only.

Manage Your Limited Lists:
Facebook has introduced various measures allowing you to micromanage your news feed. The platform recently allowed you to star close friends allowing you to be notified of their updates. On the opposite side of this, the platform has introduced the “Acquaintance” and “Restricted Friends” lists. These options allow you to promote friends you want to see more content from on your feed, and to relegate those that you wish to see less of. In order to view your lists or to create a new one, simply click the “Friends” tab on your homepage (this can be found in the menu on the left hand side of the page). To add friends to the relevant list, click on the list you wish to add them to, e.g. Restricted Friends, and then enter the names of the selected friends to the list.

Select Who To Share Your Posts With:
If you are posting something which may receive a negative reaction from certain friends, you can now select which friends are able to see your posts. In order to stop friends from seeing a post, simply select the “Custom Share” setting. It optimizes and adjusts your feed so certain people can’t see it, and they will be unaware you have done this. You can do this by selecting the drop down button that appears next to the “Post” option. By selecting “Custom” you are able to select which people see your post (or don’t see it).

As Facebook advances, it is providing more ways of politely hiding people you may wish to see less content from, without having to delete them entirely. Hopefully this will all help with saving you valuable time when searching through your news feed for the news you do want to see… time that you can spend enjoying your lunch (just don’t post a status update about it!).

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