17 Tweeting Strategies To Supercharge Your Engagement

These are great tips for Tweeting. Believe it or not there is a method to Tweeting or your information does not get seen. Angela is “Spot On” with this article.

So, you tweet. Isn’t that enough?! No, because you keep hearing that buzzword, “engagement.” Engagement, engagement, TweetingStrategies_Bordered (1)engagement, engagement!

Engaging with your followers is a must in the online world. It’s how you build, maintain, and excel in your relationships with your customers. In fact, it is so critical that there is no point in tweeting if you aren’t engaging strategically.

Suzanne and I take it so seriously that during a 24-hour period last week, we had 36 new connections opt-in to our newsletter – just because we engaged with them on Twitter! Our followers felt that we valued them because we spent time listening to their needs and engaging with them, and then offered them a solution in the form of our newsletter.

Here are our 17 favorite time-tested tweeting strategies that will supercharge your engagement and bring you more loyal customers:

  1. Upload a profile picture. If you only use the default egghead picture, people will not be encouraged to follow you. Real people want to interact with real people.
  2. Add your website address to your profile. People want to know where they can find more information about you and what you do.
  3. Create a professional background for your profile. This clearly states that you are a professional and want to be taken seriously. If necessary, hire someone off of Fiverr.com to create one for you for $5.
  4. Ensure that your bio is keyword rich. That way, if someone is doing a search on Twitter for a particular keyword, your bio will come up in the results.
  5. Engage and interact with people. Be authentic in your answers. Chunk your time into 15 minute intervals so that you are actively engaging in real time.
  6. Keep your tweets between 110 to 125 characters. This way there is room for people to retweet back to you and add comments as well.
  7. Time your tweets. Learn when the best time is for tweeting to get maximum exposure and effectiveness. Don’t just make assumptions – keep an eye on your account and pay attention to when you receive the maximum engagement with your posts.
  8. Spread out your tweets. Avoid sending all your tweets at once. Make sure that people in different time zones will be able to view your content at various times. It also helps avoid the perception of spam.
  9. Add value to your tweets. Follow the golden 80/20 rule: Connect with your users and provide engaging content 80% of the time; promote your own products and services only 20% of the time.
  10. Add real life tweets. Always try to include some normal tweets in between your business-related tweets. People enjoy being reminded you are a real person with a real life.
  11. Answer questions. Always try to answer every question that people ask that is related to your niche. This helps to increase your value as a leader in your particular field.
  12. Thank people. Make sure to thank people for retweeting. You can also start a conversation by asking them a question. People love to get acknowledged, so always show courtesy to them.
  13. Use Twitter lists and applications like HootSuite to keep your Twitter activity more organized and easier to follow. This will also help maximize your time.
  14. Use an automated program. Make sure you utilize your automated program wisely so it will help extend your reach when you are spending time working on your business.
  15. Add tweet buttons to your website and also on your posts. This makes it easy for people to share your content with others. Also, add a button on your website for people to follow you on Twitter directly.
  16. Include a link to your twitter account in your email signature block.
  17. Drive more traffic to your website. Do this by including links back to your articles, videos, podcasts, and InfoGraphics in your tweets.

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