Stepping Into Your Unlimited Space and Potential

This excellent article is written by  Ann Evanston.

It is amazing to me how every time I get a chance to truly speak in front of an audience, I grow. My goal is to always inspire others to make the change they need in their lives to be their Biggest, Bestest, Bad-Assery self. So, even for me, there is always a place to be even bigger and badder. Oh yeah, baby!

And what do I mean by “truly speak”? It means I get more than 20 or 30 minutes – time to allow energy to radiate and settle within the audience, which creates a space to teach and inspire. I was recently the opening keynote speaker at the National Handcrafted Soap Makers Conference, and I got an hour and a half (BOOM!) to share and engage.

Being Bad-Assery in business is pretty simple. It means:


I am well known for saying, “There are a million people who do what you do; there is only one YOU that makes it unique.” The world just makes it too easy to “be like” and “act like” and “market like” everyone else, so Bad-Assery only comes when you step into Your Best Self.

Okay, maybe not so simple, huh?

When I got home Sunday night, my honey, Earl (I post “Earlisms of the Day” on my Facebook page – please come and check them out; they are fun and inspiring!), told me about a presentation he saw while I was gone. The speaker was discussing how we are made in His image, with unlimited space and possibility. I totally believe we are made with unlimited space and possibility – and I know that the onlything that gets in our way is ourselves.

Have you ever…

  • Thought you couldn’t do something, and you did?
  • Failed once, but figured it out?
  • Thought you’d never be the one to do “that,” but managed to be quite great at it?
  • Stepped into who you are and had greater success?

See, when those things don’t happen, it’s because YOU got in the way of making it happen. At this conference I grew because I truly embraced the gift I have been given. I did not try to “be” or “do” or “offer” things that I am “just good at,” or know I can “hustle” and make a buck at, or try to be what I “think” they want me to be – and with that came unlimited success for my business.Unlimited-Potential

Each of us has unlimited space and potential. That is why I love what I do. I love that I can help others seetheir unlimited space and potential – my gift is that I see it in others and can share exactly how to monetize it. Sounds wacko and a little scary, right? I share this now because there was a time when I didnot share, because I thought it was wacko! But as a result, my business and life suffered, and everything seemed like a struggle.

So ask yourself this: Do you want and deserve Bad-Assery? Do you want Elite? Do you want the Pinnacle of Success in your life and business? Then embrace YOU.

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3 comments on “Stepping Into Your Unlimited Space and Potential

    • If you have other posts you would like put out there, I will gladly do so.
      I am not a writer, however there are things I believe in and have a passion
      for, so I put my point across through others. Thank you for your great post. Kathi

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