Australia to unleash genetically modified wheat

It might sound drastic, but the torching and removal of unwelcome genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) is precisely how the people of countries throughout Europe, Asia, and elsewhere have effectively stopped the commercial deregulation of dangerous GMOs in the past. And it may be the only effective remedy right now in Australia, where government officials are poised to unleash the world’s first commercial GM wheat, which has been shown to permanently silence human genes and even lead to early death among young children.

In a report entitled No Appetite for Australian GM Wheat, the Safe Food Foundation (SFF), Gene Ethics, FOODwatch and several other prominent environmental and human rights advocacy groups explain how Australia’s Office of the Gene Technology Regulatory Famer-Wheat-Field-Buy-Sky-Organic-Grains(OGTR) has issued licenses throughout the country permitting GM wheat field trials, a move that has already led to the contamination of organic and non-GMO wheat fields. And by 2015, OGTR hopes to fully deregulate GM wheat for commercial cultivation, which would most assuredly destroy Australia’s crucial wheat industry.

“Wheat is Australia’s most important agricultural commodity, estimated to be worth $7.5 billion in 2011-12,” states the report. “Despite the value of wheat to the Australian economy, there is little understanding about the attitudes of wheat buyers towards GM wheat and their feelings regarding contamination risks. The Canadian experience showed introducing GM wheat would also affect conventional and organic wheat farmers because buyers know segregation is impossible.”

GM wheat a major threat to human health

Besides the massive economic losses Australia would suffer as a result of adopting GM wheat – most of the countries to whom Australia exports its existing wheat crop, including the U.S., have indicated vehement disapproval of GM wheat – the losses to human health are also noteworthy. As we explained in a recent report published here at NaturalNews, GM wheat is capable of permanently reprogramming the human genome, causing untold damage to human health.

Yet, despite all this, the Australian government continues to ignore the facts as it pushes full steam ahead for full GM wheat deregulation. This reckless agenda will of course lead to irrevocable consequences for both the environment and humanity, but short-sighted greed has clouded the judgment of corrupt politicians, thus the need for more drastic intervention by the public on behalf of the human race as a whole.

“Against the advice of the Australian Public Health Association, the Australian Government does not require long-term animal feeding studies before approving GM as safe for humans,” explains Greenpeace. “Independent analysis of biotech rat-feeding data, retrieved through a court order, found signs of toxicity in the GM-fed rat groups were significantly higher than non-GM fed groups, with the greatest impact on the kidney and liver.”

You can read the full Greenpeace report from which this quote was taken, entitled Australia’s Wheat Scandal, here:

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