Struggle is Optional!

If you are a Woman Entrepreneur, you have to identify with this article and then you can find results. Very good reading.

Oftentimes in our life and business we mistake action with struggle. We over-complicate, over-think, and overwhelm ourselves to the point of stopping. In reality, we create that struggle… so yes, struggle is completely optional.   Hands-In-bondage

Why in the world would we do this? There is a part of us that battles with our worth and value, so when we get close to creating what we truly desire, it scares us – every single tiny belief that we are not worthy bubbles up and tries to take over.

You have to start with the understanding that you are completely responsible for yourself, your thoughts, and what happens to you. Nobody else can think for you – just like you can’t think for anyone else (which is a good thing, in my book). Think about this… taking responsibility gives you the power to change anything! If you did not create it, you can’t possibly change it. So, just for now, stand in the belief that you are responsible for everything that you experience.

We fear the unknown and want to know what lies ahead, so we struggle when it comes time to take action. Taking action will actually “shift” everything. We are so convinced there is safety in what we already know that we’ve taught ourselves to fear that unknown. We paralyze ourselves inside our comfort zone and then wonder why we aren’t creating what we want.

We all pick and choose what to cling to, and more often than not, we cling to things way longer than we should. If you want transformation – if you want to change something for the better – you have to let go of whatever created it.

In order to create something that you haven’t created already, you will probably have to do something that you’ve never done before, and this threatens the part of you that is comfortable with fitting in, playing small, and not standing out. Doing something that we have never done just doesn’t fit inside our comfort zone.

Once you take responsibility and realize that you are limiting yourself by “playing it safe,” then you can take action to change. Don’t look at it as struggling through something… look at it as letting go of what no longer serves you.

And also realize the “safety” inside our comfort zone is merely perceived. If you think about it, I am sure you have experienced the unexpected even there as well.

Consider this… the only person you must live with your entire life is you. Knowing that, wouldn’t it stand to reason that loving yourself enough to move forward on the things that you want makes sense?

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