Why Your Over-Achiever Attitude May Be Getting In Your Way

So, you call yourself an “entrepreneur.” Every entrepreneur is certain he or she can conquer all. “If I want it done right, I’ll do it myself.” Or how about, “If this was easy, everyone would be doing it.” Sound familiar?

Entrepreneurs are the “first responders of the business world” – when something needs doing, fixing or controlling, call in the entrepreneur. You love the pressure. You live for the hard decision. You thrive in the most demanding times.Burned-Out

You should be proud – those are admirable feelings, and only the Great Ones even take up the challenge. But it can also be your Achilles’ heel. That “I love the pressure” feeling is the main reason most business people crumble.

But people like you hear the words “burned out” from employees – people who work for other people – not people who work for themselves. Right?

WRONG! The self-employed, the small businessperson, the entrepreneur suffers from burnout just the same as everyone else.

And it is a creeping malaise. It begins with those emails you just can’t seem to get around to writing… then it’s a webinar that you wanted to join, but just forgot… then you seem to miss lunch for a full week. Soon, you spend more time in the shop than Santa’s elves on December 23rd!

It would amaze you how many entrepreneurs let things get so out of control that they throw in the towel and call it quits – all because of a problem that started out small and went unchecked too long.

My life/work style allows me to work from home. From my desk, if I peek through the French doors, I can see my children playing in the living room. There were times, during the most dreary days and long nights, when I found myself crying, thinking that I was wasting my life working and not enjoying my family.

But I am an entrepreneur – captain and crew of my own ship. Without me, things would simply fall apart. Right?

A wise person (one of my favorite business coaches, actually) once told me, “It’s okay until it isn’t okay.” I found so much truth in those few words. You never seem to notice the bricks falling, one by one, until the whole wall collapses on top of you. Eventually, even the smallest task seems like a mountain to climb.

As an entrepreneur, you want to see results, no matter how small. Every result encourages you to say, “That was great! What’s next?”

Well, here’s what should be at the top of your “What’s Next” list: hire a virtual assistant!

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