The Magic Of Business Collaborations

Here is another great Tip from Suzanne Duret.

Why should you collaborate in order to advance your business? How can you collaborate more effectively? Ah, the questions!Magic-Collaboration-300x256

Collaboration takes many forms within a business. There is collaboration with your employees, virtual team, colleagues, potential JV partners, and more. Let’s explore some of the important elements for creating magic by collaborating effectively with others.

Shared Values

Having shared values and goals are a foundational part of the structure that drives good collaborative efforts. Therefore, it is important to evaluate your personal goals and values, and make them very clear to those you are collaborating with. For example, do you know what type of style you use in relating to your team and/or colleagues? Are you aware of whether your actions align with your values and priorities? Do you know your “hot buttons?”

Lack of awareness of these emotional drivers will limit your ability to proactively respond to difficult situations in constructive ways. Effective collaboration requires an understanding of yourself, and those you are collaborating with.

Strategic Alliances

Over the past 25 years I have created successful businesses, built sales teams, created products and events, and touched the lives of thousands of people – all by forming strategic alliances. How can your business, or business dream, expand by collaborating with strategic alliances?

If you are weak in a crucial part of your business, collaborate to form a partnership that benefits both parties. If you need to expand your reach and build your database of prospective clients, form strategic alliances with others looking to do the same. For example, you can collaborate to do a telesummit or gift opt-in program.

The biggest point here is to overcome your fears and approach others. The worst that can happen is somebody says “no” – and the magic happens when you hit a “Yes!”

Collaboration Tools

Collaborating with virtual teams can be challenging without the use of technology. Our team uses Dropboxevery day to update and access shared documents. We use Skype for online instant communications and screen sharing. These tools work for us right now, but as we change and grow our technology choices may change too.

We also use closed and private Facebook groups for community masterminding collaborations. There are many more collaboration tools to use, based upon your needs; here are a few: BasecampProducteev,Teambox, and

Whether your team is virtual, or sitting right around the corner, collaboration tools will give you leverage to run a smooth business.

5 Collaborative Action Tips:

  1. Create a results-driven structure that is appropriate for the goal you wish to achieve.
  2. Have a very clear goal in mind and relay it effectively to all parties involved.
  3. Establish a solid communication system and data-sharing setup.
  4. Be certain that each person involved clearly defines their role and their tasks – and that they aren’t the same as each others’.
  5. Establish ways to monitor performance, provide feedback, and move through bottlenecks efficiently.

Collaboration is one of the keystones to running a thriving business. Put this information to work and begin experiencing the magic of collaboration for making more money.

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