5 Counterintuitive Tips For Success

Counterintuitive-300x267Here is another great article from “Showcasing Women” written by Suzanne Duret. So very good tips.

One of the things that my 25+ years as an entrepreneur has taught me is that sometimes you have to break the rules, shake things up, and march to your own tune. That can often mean taking action in ways that feel very counterintuitive to you!

Following are five great tips to help you connect with that philosophy:

Seek Out Criticism – Business and life throw curveballs. If you don’t become desensitized to criticisms, you will live in fear and cower to it. You’ll let avoidance of criticism control your actions and decisions. Once you overcome your fear of rejection, you can more easily go after your goals. This was a biggie for me – I was sensitive and insecure starting out, but I kept it inside and nobody else saw it eating me alive. So get out there and take in as much criticism as you can, and then let the magic happen!

Quit – What?! Quit? Yes, sometimes you need to fold up your tent and make a move elsewhere.  Don’t hang on and drive yourself into depression and poverty trying to make something work that has been working against you for too long. There is a silver lining called “experience” that you can then take into your next venture. Don’t worry – your gut will tell you when you’re on the wrong side of the track.

Push Peoples’ Buttons – In business, you can’t partner with, delegate to, or create success with people who don’t know how to defend their own ideas and strategies. You have to become comfortable in pushing and testing others’ resolve in their own beliefs. You’ll sabotage your own success by surrounding yourself with butt-kissers, and by not pushing others to speak their mind.

Disregard Consensus – Consensus creates bonds and peace among the troops, but it rarely propels you forward. When your own foresight and research is convincingly contrary to the opinion of the masses, do YOUR thing. Progress sometimes has to occur with an individual’s decisive disruption. Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, was well known for following this particular approach to business.

Underestimate Demand – We all know it’s easy to fall in love with your own baby. That baby may be your product, service, invention, event, book… you get the idea. Don’t ever assume that people want what you’re offering. Don’t think that because a few people validated your baby, you’re set for life. When you play devil’s advocate with yourself, you’ll always have a healthy sense of urgency and hustle to confirm what you’re trying to achieve and offer to the world.

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