Proven Science On Brains And Women!

Listen up Ladies and Gents! Interesting science information here.

Science states that the female brain has 25% more connections between the right and left hemispheres than the male brain. Thus women are much better at communication and multitasking. Really? “Women,” raise your hands on this one if you agree that we didn’t need science to tell us that!  BUT…              imgres-1

Science and studies of the brain and emotional reasoning have shown us things we might not otherwise have known about brains, branding, and business. And it is great stuff to know! For example, the brain can only process 40 bits of information per second. Yet we actually are taking in 11 million bits of information per second in today’s digital and social media environment. So it’s not news that our poor brains are in over-load most of the time. What does this mean if you want to stand out in the crowd of over-loaded brains – SIMPLIFY! Whether you are job hunting, corporate ladder climbing, or running your own business, you really need to simplify your message and your marketing. Of course, that’s easier said than done because we’re  “women” – and we like to communicate and multitask – which often means we over-communicate, over-message, over-do.

Science is here to help us ladies. Data based upon countless years of testing by direct response agencies is available to shed some light. You see, the compiled data demonstrates that humans respond best to only 13 specific words in advertising, and we know that advertising means the action of calling something to the attention of the public – and we know whether we want to call attention to ourselves, our businesses, or both – “women” must be advertising in some form.

Now if I can have a drumroll… here are those 13 magic words that we should be focused on using: New, Easy, Free, Money, You, Discovery, Proven, Save, Guarantee, Health, Results, Love, Safety. Notice I used the word “Proven” in my title. See, you CAN teach a mature cat new tricks!

So let’s recap. If you use the free new proven data tips provided, you will save yourself the headaches of losing your health and money while experiencing the discovery of easy results and the safety of love in all that you do – I guarantee it!

I THINK I GOT ALL 13 WORDS IN!!   Am I good or what.  (And all it took was a glass of wine to get me there.)

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