Protect your family from cancer-causing fluoride

In the 1950s, within the United States, the fluoridation propaganda machine was in full swing. Television commercials brainwashed an entire nation into believing that a toxic (cancer-causing) substance, “fluoride,” would make children “healthier and happy”.

Now, as people are waking up to the lies, politicians and the conventional dental industry are shaking in their boots.Half-Full

Discover the shocking truth behind the danger of fluoride consumption; learn how to protect your family and become an effective, natural health advocate. On the next NaturalNews Talk Hour – Jonathan Landsman and Dr. David Kennedy provide the tools necessary to dramatically improve the quality of your water supply and save lives.

Fluoride usage can cause osteoporosis, birth defects, lower IQ plus much more

From the 1940s to the present time, Americans have been told that fluoride dramatically reduces cavities. But, the United States government and conventional dentistry do not want you to know what science has already proven – better oral hygiene and dietary habits are why cavities have declined.

There were several studies to prove that consuming fluoride does not reduce cavities including a U.S. public health department report on 39,000 school children that were hidden, for quite some time, from the American public. So, we must ask ourselves, “Why are we spending so much money to put “fluoride” in the water supply”?

Is water fluoridation part of a grand “social engineering” project plus a great way to increase disease (and profits) for conventional medicine? I’ll let you decide – but you should know that facts. Science has already shown that water fluoridation increases cavities, bone fractures; behavioral problems and cancer death rates.

There is a connection between water fluoridation and low thyroid function

Did you know that fluoride bio-accumulates within the body? In other words, the more you drink or eat – the more it will concentrate in body tissue. The brain and thyroid gland are two areas that fluoride loves to accumulate. Obviously, low thyroid function (due to fluoride toxicity) can cause fatigue, apathy, weakness, tiredness and, most importantly, a permanent lowering of the IQ within a developing fetus.

Water fluoridation is literally dumbing down an entire nation. I hope you can appreciate the profound significance of what you just read. Even the slightest reduction of thyroid function, in pregnant women, can cause serious neurobehavioral problems for future generations. “Fluoride”  has also been shown to increase reproductive problems by reducing testosterone levels and sperm count.

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