How We Secured A Monthly Guest Blogging Spot On A Coveted Social Media Site

This is an awesome post by Angela Giles. I have been following Angela for a few years on LinkedIn and have found her advice and tips very helpful.

If you aren’t guest blogging then you are leaving money on the table. It’s as simple as that. Guest blogging is free to do and the purpose is to create brand recognition and drive traffic back to your website. guestblog

Now, you could go out and find any ol’ site to guest blog on – however, that won’t get you the most results for your time! You want to be strategic about your guest blogging campaign.

When we first started our quest to become guest bloggers on our favorite sites, we quickly learned the dos and don’ts of getting your foot in the door. Through our various trials and errors we were able to secure a monthly guest blogging gig on a top social media site – and we are going to share with you exactly how to do the same thing!

Here is the strategy we currently use:

  1. Research your competition or sites in your niche that will allow you to guest blog. You can use Google to do this. Just type in the keywords that relate to your niche and it will pull up the most highly ranked relevant sites.
  2. Check each of their U.S. Alexa rankings. If it is under 100,000 you know you have a winner.
  3. Compare the reader base of each site that you have narrowed down. If you find a trend of individuals that visit those same sites, you’re right on track!
  4. Contact each of these blog owners with your suggested guest blogging topics, and see if you can guest blog on them. Your goal is to find five that you can guest blog on within a two-week period. This creates brand recognition amongst their readers because they are seeing you consistently across multiple sites in a short period of time.
  5. Find out the exact specifics of the guest posts that the owner of the site will accept. You would be surprised at how many articles are rejected because they didn’t follow given protocols.
  6. Keep track of everything on a spreadsheet, or by using your favorite tracking mechanism. If you don’t, you will find that you’ll become overwhelmed with the sheer amount of research that goes into finding the “right” sites to guest blog on.

Guest blogging done correctly can reap massive rewards. In fact, this strategy alone could become the cornerstone of your lead generation campaign.

Join us in our Born To Blaze premier community of women entrepreneurs and we will teach you exactly how to implement similar strategies as this to dramatically increase your brand recognition and drive hordes of traffic to your site!

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