Have a New venture in a field that is new to me.  As I have said before, Love learning new things. This newsletter has been work but a lot of fun also. It is a masterpiece in progress. I will let you know when it is completed, Stay Tuned!!       435586_1368523301.2417

Two Baby Boomers, Kathi and Vayon, are publishing a Free Newsletter called Baby Boomers Bulletin for fellow Baby Boomers to provide information needed in Making the Most of Maturity. In addition, we are creating a website at to give further information and to archive the newsletters and establish a web presence. We need initial funding to help us get this started quickly.

A donation of any amount will be greatly appreciated– Please sign up for a Free weekly copy of our newsletter and access to our website, which supplies tons of ideas, opinions and advice for baby boomers, which can be also useful to any other age group for preparations for their own retirement years. An all around great source for planning for senior citizenship. To get your free newsletter, just go to website and sign up for it, when finished. Please give us time to get the website up.  This is soooo exciting, Thanks.

There is a donation button in the right hand column of my blog.


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