Money Lessons: Like Mother, Like Daughter

Maybe we’re too cheap to hire the help we need. Or we spend money willy-nilly on any new idea that someone says will build the business. Or maybe we don’t monitor our accounts until we get a call from the bank. Why do we do that?

They say that we inherit how we handle our money from our parents and from what we absorbed during the experiences we had as children. Those experiences are what created our subconscious feelings towards money… a subject for another day. But what our parents told us (or didn’t tell us) about money and the role it plays in our lives is what created our conscious attitudes.Portrait Of Grandmother And Granddaughter

At some point, little boys were taken aside by their fathers and told about the mysteries of money. Directly or indirectly, they were told what their role and responsibility would be for the rest of their lives: providers, protectors and financial decision-makers.

But our fathers rarely pulled any of us girls aside. After all, why should we bother our pretty little heads with something our handsome princes would handle anyway?

Fast forward 30 or 40 years, and more of us are on our own than our parents could ever have imagined. Many of us tried the Prince Charming family route – some of us succeeded and some of us failed. Others didn’t try at all. And an ever-growing number of us today are in business.

For us entrepreneurs, we tend to think our fathers had the greatest influence over how we conceive and operate our businesses today. After all, that’s who our role models were, right? That’s who was “in charge” of the money in post-War families – they made it, they brought home the bacon, and they gave our mothers a budget to spend on the household and the children.

At least that’s the Norman Rockwell version…

The truth is that, if we look more closely, it’s actually our mothers who made the greatest impact on our conscious attitudes towards money. Sure, Daddy made the money, but he did that at some elusive place he disappeared to each day called “work.”

Our most intimate memories are with Mommy in the supermarket… Mommy in the toy store… Mommy buying school supplies. We may have watched as she scrimped and calculated to get us what we needed, but not without sacrifice. We learned that there were tradeoffs – if you got one thing, you didn’t get another. Often you had to choose. Money was something finite. And we learned to value what we received, because “things” were somehow linked to money, and money was hard to come by. In fact, Daddy “slaved” to get it.

Or… maybe we watched as seemingly unlimited amounts of money flowed, buying us whatever our hearts desired. The sky was the limit. Ask and you shall receive. There’s always more money; it comes from an unending supply, and buying has no consequences.

This is an awesome insight on what a lot of Mothers really do, but don’t always get the credit for.  To read the full article go to:

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