7 Versatile Skills Women Need to Succeed at Anything

Let’s face it – there are a lot of skills out there that you don’t necessarily need to learn in order to feel fulfilled. You can go without knowing how to sew, garden, scrapbook, or even bake. Yes, they are useful skills to have, but they aren’t absolutely necessary in today’s society.    LearningSkills

However, there are other skills that women must know that can’t be neglected. These are skills that are imperative because they are part of every aspect of your daily life. For example, you can’t get very far if you don’t know how to use a cell phone. And, in fact, it is generally assumed that most people know how to email.

Today, we are going to focus on the seven conventionally applicable skills that are often neglected but critical for women to succeed at anything. So let’s dive in…

1. Being Positive
Our world is constantly evolving, so much so that it can make any woman’s head spin! From time to time every woman I know has wanted to throw her hands up in the air and just give in to feeling grouchy! However, research has proven that we often feel a certain way because of how we act. Interesting isn’t it? So how does a woman stay positive when things are constantly changing and feeling overwhelming?

Women who view our revolving world as a constant opportunity to learn and evolve will stay positive no matter what life throws their way. If this isn’t your forte, don’t worry. Start with smiling and finding one positive thing to focus on each day. Decide that this very hour something is going to be great, and it will be. Try it – you’ll see! The positivity skill will become your best friend.

2. Analytical Thinking and Information Analysis
Sorting through all the information thrown at us on a daily basis and objectively analyzing and prioritizing it can be mindboggling and overwhelming. The art is to develop the imperative skill of sorting through the information, evaluating it, and then determining how it relates to every aspect of your life. Once a woman has developed this ability, she can pretty much do anything and achieve optimal success. The first step is to determine whether the information is worthy of analysis. If so, then categorize it into “good,” “better,” and “best” categories, and practice your technique on the “best” information first.

3. Time Management and Prioritization
Even though women are known for multitasking, it can become a daunting task to wade through, efficiently tackle, and prioritize your tasks. And if the success of your business and personal life depends on the universal skill of effective time management, then you need to figure it out quickly!

Time management means managing your time – not the other way around. You are in control. Don’t let the world around you dictate your life. Prioritize your tasks, and delegate or get rid of the ones that don’t fit into your “best” category. Then schedule blocks of time for you to tackle the most important tasks during your peak performance times. Your productivity and ability to implement effectively will increase profoundly.

There are 4 more steps to this article that Angela talks about. To read the rest of this helpful and interesting post:


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