How to Use Google+ Hangouts The Right Way!

Have YOU heard? Google+ Hangouts are the NEW Rage!

If you haven’t been playing with them, you are missing out on a great new tool that has many benefits for you and your business. Let me tell you how awesome these hangouts are:                              Project6-300x300

• User-friendly
• Simple to understand
• Screen-sharing options, just like Skype
• Broadcast your hangout live
• Embed your hangout in real time on your blog
• Record hangouts & store on your YouTube channel

Are you beginning to see the possibilities yet? Are your creative juices beginning to flow? With Google+ Hangouts, you can:

• Host a video conference on Google+, free of charge
• Invite up to 9 people to be with you on your Google+ Hangout
• Host that video LIVE on your website! Yes, LIVE on-air videos… to an unlimited audience.

What a fantastic tool to propel you to new heights!!! Begin thinking of the many ways you could use this fantastic new tool.

Be AWARE: You can also RECORD your Google+ Hangout!

Start a HangoutSimple Steps to Guide You Through A Hangout:

• Go to Google+ and Log in.
• Click on your profile, then click on “Start a hangout.”
• Give your hangout a name.
• Invite the people you want to hangout with.
• Put a check mark on the “Enable Hangout on Air” box – it’s now ready to record.
• Your hangout is now LIVE on your YouTube and your Google+ Stream.
• Your YouTube or Google+ followers can now see you are LIVE!
• Participants will be advised your hangout is live, so they can opt out if they wish or want to be careful of what they say.
• Read and agree to Terms of Service. (A must, and very important.)
• Click “Continue” to begin your Google+ Hangout.
• You now have the choice to wait or begin the broadcast.
• The Broadcast Begins! Click the red “Start Broadcast” button; you now have 10 seconds to your live recording. Be prepared!!!
• Done? Your video takes up to 1 hour to process, then it will show up on your YouTube channel.
• Once the video is uploaded, you can edit your video on your “video manager’s” page and share your link with whomever you please.

Need To Upload Videos Longer Than 15 Minutes?

If you’ve NOT yet recorded/uploaded many videos to your YouTube channel, your default setting is an upload time of 15 minutes. To be able to upload longer videos, follow these steps:

• Go to the upload page: videos upload.
• Click “Increase Your Limit” at the bottom of the page.
• Follow the steps to verify your account with a mobile phone. (There is currently no other way to verify your account.)

Once your limit is increased, update the version of your browser to make sure you can upload bigger files up to 20GB.

If you don’t follow these steps, your Google+ Hangout videos will be cut off after 15 minutes.

ENJOY 2 Fun Apps to Enhance Your Google+ Hangouts:

1. Scoot & Doodle allows you to draw/doodle on your screen, among other things.
2. Cacoo lets you create diagrams.

Are you getting EXCITED about where Google+ Hangouts could take YOUR business? They are super simple and easy!

Are you ready to jump in?

This gives great instructions for google hangouts, just another great social media tool.

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