The Magic Of Business Collaborations

Here is another great Tip from Suzanne Duret.

Why should you collaborate in order to advance your business? How can you collaborate more effectively? Ah, the questions!Magic-Collaboration-300x256

Collaboration takes many forms within a business. There is collaboration with your employees, virtual team, colleagues, potential JV partners, and more. Let’s explore some of the important elements for creating magic by collaborating effectively with others.

Shared Values

Having shared values and goals are a foundational part of the structure that drives good collaborative efforts. Therefore, it is important to evaluate your personal goals and values, and make them very clear to those you are collaborating with. For example, do you know what type of style you use in relating to your team and/or colleagues? Are you aware of whether your actions align with your values and priorities? Do you know your “hot buttons?”

Lack of awareness of these emotional drivers will limit your ability to proactively respond to difficult situations in constructive ways. Effective collaboration requires an understanding of yourself, and those you are collaborating with.

Strategic Alliances

Over the past 25 years I have created successful businesses, built sales teams, created products and events, and touched the lives of thousands of people – all by forming strategic alliances. How can your business, or business dream, expand by collaborating with strategic alliances?

If you are weak in a crucial part of your business, collaborate to form a partnership that benefits both parties. If you need to expand your reach and build your database of prospective clients, form strategic alliances with others looking to do the same. For example, you can collaborate to do a telesummit or gift opt-in program.

The biggest point here is to overcome your fears and approach others. The worst that can happen is somebody says “no” – and the magic happens when you hit a “Yes!”

Collaboration Tools

Collaborating with virtual teams can be challenging without the use of technology. Our team uses Dropboxevery day to update and access shared documents. We use Skype for online instant communications and screen sharing. These tools work for us right now, but as we change and grow our technology choices may change too.

We also use closed and private Facebook groups for community masterminding collaborations. There are many more collaboration tools to use, based upon your needs; here are a few: BasecampProducteev,Teambox, and

Whether your team is virtual, or sitting right around the corner, collaboration tools will give you leverage to run a smooth business.

5 Collaborative Action Tips:

  1. Create a results-driven structure that is appropriate for the goal you wish to achieve.
  2. Have a very clear goal in mind and relay it effectively to all parties involved.
  3. Establish a solid communication system and data-sharing setup.
  4. Be certain that each person involved clearly defines their role and their tasks – and that they aren’t the same as each others’.
  5. Establish ways to monitor performance, provide feedback, and move through bottlenecks efficiently.

Collaboration is one of the keystones to running a thriving business. Put this information to work and begin experiencing the magic of collaboration for making more money.

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Seventy-five percent of honey bought at the supermarket Not real honey

Large scale tests on US supermarket “honey” now reveal that roughly 75 percent of honey on the market isn’t even real. According to an investigation by Food Safety News, today’s mass produced honey is often times void of real pollen, artificially processed and Honey-Spilllaundered from China. Honey manufacturing experts and the World Health Organization agree that real honey must contain true microscopic particles of pollen, to be considered real, with an identifiable source. Honey void of pollen is an artificial, nutrition-void, watered-down scam.

Watered down, heated, pressurized “honey” not real

Much of the honey hitting supermarket shelves is derived from an ultra filtering procedure that heats the “honey” to high temperatures, forcing the natural substance at high pressure through extremely small filters to remove pollen. In this way, manufacturers conceal the identity of the source of the honey, which is a technique used by the Chinese, who have illegally dumped tons of their honey on the U.S. market for years. The Chinese are responsible for dumping dangerous antibiotics, artificial sweeteners, and leeching copious amounts of heavy metals into imported honey products.

The Food Safety News investigation

After hearing about US grocery stores being flooded with unidentified honey, Food Safety News began an investigation into several outlets that sold foreign honey. They purchased 60 different containers of honey from 10 different states, buying from a wide range of supermarkets. They then sent the honey samples to premier melissopalynologist and professor at Texas A&M University, Vaughn Bryant. What he found was that roughly three fourths of the honey contained no pollen, making it unidentifiable and unsafe. Of that average, he found that:

• 100 percent of Winnie the Pooh sold in Walmart stores had all pollen removed.
• 100 percent of honey from individual packets from KFC and McDonald’s had all pollen removed.
• 77 percent of honey from big box stores like Costco, Sam’s Club, and Target had no traced of pollen.
• 100 percent of honey from drugstores like Walgreen’s and CVS Pharmacy had all the pollen filtered out.
• He did find out, however, that honey purchased from co-ops, farmers markets and stores like Trader Joes contained the full amount of the original pollen.

Ultra filtering of pollen, conceals “honey’s” true source

Mark Jensen, president of the American Honey Producers Association, says that removing all pollen from honey “makes no sense.” He continues, “I don’t know of any US producer that would want to do that. Elimination of all pollen can only be achieved by ultra-filtering and this filtration process does nothing but cost money and diminishes the quality of the honey.”

Jensen added that pollen-void honey is most likely Chinese honey that has entered the country illegally and not inspected.

Richard Adee, who produces 7 million pounds of honey each year from multiple states, explains that real honey is valued for its flavor and nutritional value and that this “is what’s being removed during the ultra filtration process.”

I think I will be buying my “honey” from  farms that sell it.  All the honey I’ve bought in supermarkets, claims to be  “Pure”  but obviously is not. To read more of this article, click on the link below.

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One Simple Word That Will Change Your Life

This article was written by  Marla Tabaka, with very good information.

Do you ever feel like there’s just way too much to do and too little time? Sure you do, you’re an entrepreneur!

But it’s not necessarily true. Perhaps you’re just spreading yourself too thin, and that can change.Power-of-No

There are many helpful productivity and time-management tips, but I believe the most powerful one is the art of saying NO – that’s “no” to yourself, “no” to employees, “no” to friends, and, yes, even “no” (sometimes) to clients.

Reflect upon the times that you have regretted saying “yes” to something that took you away from your primary focus. How much time and stress would it have saved you if you had uttered one little word?

But how do you say “no” to your own mother when she calls to chat in the middle of the day? Or to the client who expects you to go beyond the scope of a project without their paying for the extra work? What about all of those cool ideas that enter your mind; how do you say “no” to yourself and remain focused on what’s most important?

Here are three simple guidelines that might just make your life easier:

1. Don’t respond immediately.

When you are asked to do something that isn’t a part of your primary focus, simply tell the person that you will get back to them. Take a little time to assess the pros and cons of saying “yes.” Reflect upon your goals and review how saying “yes” will affect them.

Even if it’s a simple request, it may put you behind schedule. Is it worth it? You have a right to say “no,” and once you begin to see the results, this little word will roll off your tongue with greater ease.

2. Consider creative solutions.

Sometimes we say “yes” because we just want to be nice. Saying “no” does not mean that you aren’t a nice person; it simply means that you have priorities and boundaries. When someone comes to you with a request that you would like to fulfill but it would put a crimp in your schedule, think about giving them a partial yes – or offer another solution.

A few weeks ago, I was asked to speak to a group on very short notice. I really wanted to do it to help them out, but I knew what it would cost me in time. Following my own advice, I offered to get back to the meeting planner by the end of the day. I decided that I simply couldn’t take the time out of my schedule right now, so I called a peer and asked her permission to pass her name along as a potential speaker. Then I called the meeting planner with this wonderful solution and a commitment to speak to her group in January instead.

No” doesn’t necessarily mean “never.”

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Facebook wages censorship war against moms of autistic children who protest GMO’s!

When Facebook suspended the account of a mom of two autistic children who held anti-GMO signs at the recent rally, it became national news. Drudge Report linked to our Natural News story which documented Facebook censoring multiple accounts for sharing a photo Facebook absurdly called “abusive.”                                                                 Biopesticides_gmos

That photo, it turns out, was nothing more than a picture of two children holding up hand-made signs at the March Against Monsanto. One of the signs read, “Biopesticides = Autism, Say No to GMO” and the other sign read, “Organic Food It’s My Medicine, Label GMOs” (see videos, below).

This defiance against GMOs was apparently too much for Facebook to tolerate, so it took immediate action to censor the account of the mom, Andrea Lalama.

In an exclusive interview, I spoke with Andrea by phone, where she provided more background about her autistic sons, her research into the causes of autism (vaccines and GMOs), and how Facebook’s outrageous act of censorship has actually multiplied global awareness of the corporate conspiracy against moms who seek the truth about autism, vaccines and GMOs.

Here are the first two parts of the interview:

For more on this article, the click link below.

Does Facebook have to much power? This is just another story of how Facebook picks and chooses who and what can be posted on their site! It seems like when people are trying to inform others of what is actually, most of the time, the FB elects to sensor or totally shut down a site. There are other very big companies and other entities, that I know, that this has happened to. Do we not Live in the, “Free,” United States??

I am the mother of 4 children and feel, as mothers, we should be aloud to prtect our children against “Anything and Everything,” that may harm them, with proper documentation, of course. This is my “own opinion” and not connected to anyone one else.

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5 Counterintuitive Tips For Success

Counterintuitive-300x267Here is another great article from “Showcasing Women” written by Suzanne Duret. So very good tips.

One of the things that my 25+ years as an entrepreneur has taught me is that sometimes you have to break the rules, shake things up, and march to your own tune. That can often mean taking action in ways that feel very counterintuitive to you!

Following are five great tips to help you connect with that philosophy:

Seek Out Criticism – Business and life throw curveballs. If you don’t become desensitized to criticisms, you will live in fear and cower to it. You’ll let avoidance of criticism control your actions and decisions. Once you overcome your fear of rejection, you can more easily go after your goals. This was a biggie for me – I was sensitive and insecure starting out, but I kept it inside and nobody else saw it eating me alive. So get out there and take in as much criticism as you can, and then let the magic happen!

Quit – What?! Quit? Yes, sometimes you need to fold up your tent and make a move elsewhere.  Don’t hang on and drive yourself into depression and poverty trying to make something work that has been working against you for too long. There is a silver lining called “experience” that you can then take into your next venture. Don’t worry – your gut will tell you when you’re on the wrong side of the track.

Push Peoples’ Buttons – In business, you can’t partner with, delegate to, or create success with people who don’t know how to defend their own ideas and strategies. You have to become comfortable in pushing and testing others’ resolve in their own beliefs. You’ll sabotage your own success by surrounding yourself with butt-kissers, and by not pushing others to speak their mind.

Disregard Consensus – Consensus creates bonds and peace among the troops, but it rarely propels you forward. When your own foresight and research is convincingly contrary to the opinion of the masses, do YOUR thing. Progress sometimes has to occur with an individual’s decisive disruption. Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, was well known for following this particular approach to business.

Underestimate Demand – We all know it’s easy to fall in love with your own baby. That baby may be your product, service, invention, event, book… you get the idea. Don’t ever assume that people want what you’re offering. Don’t think that because a few people validated your baby, you’re set for life. When you play devil’s advocate with yourself, you’ll always have a healthy sense of urgency and hustle to confirm what you’re trying to achieve and offer to the world.

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Proven Science On Brains And Women!

Listen up Ladies and Gents! Interesting science information here.

Science states that the female brain has 25% more connections between the right and left hemispheres than the male brain. Thus women are much better at communication and multitasking. Really? “Women,” raise your hands on this one if you agree that we didn’t need science to tell us that!  BUT…              imgres-1

Science and studies of the brain and emotional reasoning have shown us things we might not otherwise have known about brains, branding, and business. And it is great stuff to know! For example, the brain can only process 40 bits of information per second. Yet we actually are taking in 11 million bits of information per second in today’s digital and social media environment. So it’s not news that our poor brains are in over-load most of the time. What does this mean if you want to stand out in the crowd of over-loaded brains – SIMPLIFY! Whether you are job hunting, corporate ladder climbing, or running your own business, you really need to simplify your message and your marketing. Of course, that’s easier said than done because we’re  “women” – and we like to communicate and multitask – which often means we over-communicate, over-message, over-do.

Science is here to help us ladies. Data based upon countless years of testing by direct response agencies is available to shed some light. You see, the compiled data demonstrates that humans respond best to only 13 specific words in advertising, and we know that advertising means the action of calling something to the attention of the public – and we know whether we want to call attention to ourselves, our businesses, or both – “women” must be advertising in some form.

Now if I can have a drumroll… here are those 13 magic words that we should be focused on using: New, Easy, Free, Money, You, Discovery, Proven, Save, Guarantee, Health, Results, Love, Safety. Notice I used the word “Proven” in my title. See, you CAN teach a mature cat new tricks!

So let’s recap. If you use the free new proven data tips provided, you will save yourself the headaches of losing your health and money while experiencing the discovery of easy results and the safety of love in all that you do – I guarantee it!

I THINK I GOT ALL 13 WORDS IN!!   Am I good or what.  (And all it took was a glass of wine to get me there.)

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Protect your family from cancer-causing fluoride

In the 1950s, within the United States, the fluoridation propaganda machine was in full swing. Television commercials brainwashed an entire nation into believing that a toxic (cancer-causing) substance, “fluoride,” would make children “healthier and happy”.

Now, as people are waking up to the lies, politicians and the conventional dental industry are shaking in their boots.Half-Full

Discover the shocking truth behind the danger of fluoride consumption; learn how to protect your family and become an effective, natural health advocate. On the next NaturalNews Talk Hour – Jonathan Landsman and Dr. David Kennedy provide the tools necessary to dramatically improve the quality of your water supply and save lives.

Fluoride usage can cause osteoporosis, birth defects, lower IQ plus much more

From the 1940s to the present time, Americans have been told that fluoride dramatically reduces cavities. But, the United States government and conventional dentistry do not want you to know what science has already proven – better oral hygiene and dietary habits are why cavities have declined.

There were several studies to prove that consuming fluoride does not reduce cavities including a U.S. public health department report on 39,000 school children that were hidden, for quite some time, from the American public. So, we must ask ourselves, “Why are we spending so much money to put “fluoride” in the water supply”?

Is water fluoridation part of a grand “social engineering” project plus a great way to increase disease (and profits) for conventional medicine? I’ll let you decide – but you should know that facts. Science has already shown that water fluoridation increases cavities, bone fractures; behavioral problems and cancer death rates.

There is a connection between water fluoridation and low thyroid function

Did you know that fluoride bio-accumulates within the body? In other words, the more you drink or eat – the more it will concentrate in body tissue. The brain and thyroid gland are two areas that fluoride loves to accumulate. Obviously, low thyroid function (due to fluoride toxicity) can cause fatigue, apathy, weakness, tiredness and, most importantly, a permanent lowering of the IQ within a developing fetus.

Water fluoridation is literally dumbing down an entire nation. I hope you can appreciate the profound significance of what you just read. Even the slightest reduction of thyroid function, in pregnant women, can cause serious neurobehavioral problems for future generations. “Fluoride”  has also been shown to increase reproductive problems by reducing testosterone levels and sperm count.

To read more of this article and find out how to get more information on the “Fluoride” problem, click on the link below.

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Portland; citizens overwhelmingly reject dumping toxic fluoride chemicals into the water supply

Voters in Portland, Oregon solidly defeated a city-wide water fluoridation measure yesterday, with 60% of the voters saying “NO!” to the practice of adding toxic “fluoride” chemicals to the water.   Water-Running-Tap-Fluoride

The result is a huge victory for and all the men, women and children of Portland who can now rest easier, knowing their tap water is not intentionally poisoned with cancer-causing chemicals derived from industrial waste and mislabeled “fluoride.”

The defeat of the measure absolutely infuriated fluoride-pushing doctors and dentists, many of whom resorted to using outrageous lies and dirty tricks during the entire campaign. These lies include whoppers like, “Drinking fluoride has never harmed anyone” and “this is naturally-occurring fluoride, therefore it’s safe.”

Fluoride advocates reject real science

Nowhere is there a more obscene departure from real science than in the “scientific” community of  “fluoride”  pushers. These people very well know that all sorts of “naturally-occurring” elements in the table of elements are extremely toxic to the human body. Mercury is toxic, yet it occurs naturally. Arsenic is highly toxic, yet it occurs naturally as well. I dare any of these “fluoride” pushers to chug a glass containing lead or cadmium.

They claim “fluoride” is healthful merely because it is found in water wells, and the Earth’s crust is an outrageously evil deception. Fluoride” POISONS water wells around the world, and populations go to great lengths to try to remove it from their water! Fluoride pushers know this, but they seem to be determined to make sure as many people as possible are harmed through fluoridation, possibly as a way to make sure there’s more medical business in the future due to toxic “fluoride” side effects.
“Fluoride” is actually a toxic combination of chemicals and heavy metals.

Most of the fluoride dumped into U.S. water supplies, by the way, is imported from China. And it just happens to be heavily contaminated with lead, arsenic, cadmium and other toxic metals. No city in the United States tests its fluoride for these contaminants and openly publicizes the results. It’s all one big toxic secret, and the doctors and dentists who support fluoridation want to make sure it stays that way.

There is more to this very interesting  article you should read about. Click on the link below for more information.

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How We Secured A Monthly Guest Blogging Spot On A Coveted Social Media Site

This is an awesome post by Angela Giles. I have been following Angela for a few years on LinkedIn and have found her advice and tips very helpful.

If you aren’t guest blogging then you are leaving money on the table. It’s as simple as that. Guest blogging is free to do and the purpose is to create brand recognition and drive traffic back to your website. guestblog

Now, you could go out and find any ol’ site to guest blog on – however, that won’t get you the most results for your time! You want to be strategic about your guest blogging campaign.

When we first started our quest to become guest bloggers on our favorite sites, we quickly learned the dos and don’ts of getting your foot in the door. Through our various trials and errors we were able to secure a monthly guest blogging gig on a top social media site – and we are going to share with you exactly how to do the same thing!

Here is the strategy we currently use:

  1. Research your competition or sites in your niche that will allow you to guest blog. You can use Google to do this. Just type in the keywords that relate to your niche and it will pull up the most highly ranked relevant sites.
  2. Check each of their U.S. Alexa rankings. If it is under 100,000 you know you have a winner.
  3. Compare the reader base of each site that you have narrowed down. If you find a trend of individuals that visit those same sites, you’re right on track!
  4. Contact each of these blog owners with your suggested guest blogging topics, and see if you can guest blog on them. Your goal is to find five that you can guest blog on within a two-week period. This creates brand recognition amongst their readers because they are seeing you consistently across multiple sites in a short period of time.
  5. Find out the exact specifics of the guest posts that the owner of the site will accept. You would be surprised at how many articles are rejected because they didn’t follow given protocols.
  6. Keep track of everything on a spreadsheet, or by using your favorite tracking mechanism. If you don’t, you will find that you’ll become overwhelmed with the sheer amount of research that goes into finding the “right” sites to guest blog on.

Guest blogging done correctly can reap massive rewards. In fact, this strategy alone could become the cornerstone of your lead generation campaign.

Join us in our Born To Blaze premier community of women entrepreneurs and we will teach you exactly how to implement similar strategies as this to dramatically increase your brand recognition and drive hordes of traffic to your site!

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Gun control advocates now admit: IRS intimidation scandal proves Second Amendment needed!

In the face of the outrageous IRS intimidation scandal now sweeping across America, gun control advocates are changing their tune. All of a sudden, the idea that the federal government could engage in tyranny against the People of America is no longer a “conspiracy theory.” It’s historical fact right in your face thanks to all the recent scandals now bursting onto the scene: IRS intimidation, secret targeting of non-profit groups for possible “thought crimes,” the Department of Justice seizing AP phone records and so on.Constitution-We-The-People-American-Flag

Just which liberals are changing their minds on all this? Piers Morgan, for starters. The man who once called Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America a “very stupid man” on live national television is suddenly reversing course.  Here’s what Morgan now says in the wake of the IRS intimidation scandal:  “I’ve had some of the pro-gun lobbyists on here saying to me, well the reason we need to be armed is because of tyranny from our own government, and I’ve always laughed at them. I’ve always said don’t be so ridiculous. Your government won’t turn itself on you. But actually when you look at this [IRS scandal]… actually this is vaguely tyrannical behavior by the American government. I think what the IRS did is bordering on tyrannical behavior, I think what the Department of Justice has done to the Associated Press is bordering on tyrannical behavior.”
Here’s the video

Joe Scarborough also admits gun owners were right all along

Going even further than Piers Morgan, “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough also admits gun owners were right all along, saying:

“I have been saying for months now… that I believe in background checks. After Newton, after Chicago, we need background checks. And my argument has been, don’t worry, background checks aren’t going to lead to a national registry. The government’s never going to create a national registry, right? … I don’t have to even complete my sentence, do I? My argument is less persuasive today because of these scandals. Because people say hey, if they do that with the IRS, asking people what books you read, then how can I trust them with information about my Second Amendment rights? This is DEVASTATING! This IRS scandal is devastating all across the board…”

Well yeah, Joe. This is what we’ve been warning you about all along, you see?
Watch this video.

The core philosophy of liberals has just been shattered… government is not trustworthy and compassionate.

This article is not necessarily my views but is an interesting read.

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