How Gazillions Use Twitter Effectively To Increase Visibility

Are you using Twitter for your business? Twitter’s slogan, “What’s happening?” is the idea of letting everyone know what you’re doing right now. In 10 minutes, you tell them again… and again, and again. Why would we even bother doing something crazy like that? Do we care who has just had scrambled eggs? What’s up with that?TwitterNorma-300x300

The truth is this: if Twitter is properly used, it can help you build relationships and it can be a very powerful tool for your marketing. Millions across the world continually stream a non-stop flow of reported events – big or small – on Twitter’s news stream. It is now possible to hear, within seconds, of events happening anywhere in the world. Interesting concept, wouldn’t you say? When there’s a big story, you can bet you won’t miss hearing about it on Twitter. You don’t even have to go looking – it will find you.

Twitter is a brilliant tool to get your products or services out to your potential audiences. Getting yourself heard in the midst of a crowd of thousands is the challenge; that is why you must be strategic and build a huge following. It’s kind of a numbers game, so try to grab attention as much as possible on a regular basis.

Be very patient in the beginning. Begin following people you know (friends, family, friends of friends, etc.) and eventually those you don’t know yet. The main key is to get people to follow you back.

Find people with similar interests as yours and most likely these like-minded people will follow you back. The more YOU follow, the more people will see and follow you. After a while you’ll have built up a decent following.

Unwritten Rules:

  • Someone follows you? Follow them back.
  • Block the shady characters from following you.
  • Following is a two-way street – having a one-way conversation is not optional.
  • Twitter users build communities where they serve others. Enjoy and learn from them.
  • Provide value. Post informative, inspirational, or fun things for your followers to read.
  • Many use apps that will unfollow you if you don’t follow back. Remember and be aware of this.

Tweets are most likely linked to your blog posts. Keep them simple, short and sweet one-liners. You can also use quotes – people love them. Link back to your own blog as a great way of leading people to your online marketing material or products (plus, you want people to sign up for your newsletter or contact you). Strike the balance between the more serious, marketing-type of Tweets with the light and fun, building a loyal following. In the long run it will get you results.

Think of Twitter this way:
See the many people mingling in a party room. Some are standing, quietly observing. You walk in, look around – is there someone you know? You begin a conversation. That’s networking on Twitter.

In a relaxed and friendly manner, begin sharing about yourself and your business. Do NOT yell, “Buy my stuff! I’m Mrs. Wonderful!!!” (◕‿◕)

Profile Tips . . .

  • Use your name – you are your business so put it out there.
  • If you must use a Business name, add your personal name somewhere.
  • Use a current picture – you want people to know who you are.
  • State plainly and clearly what you do. Be precise and interesting.
  • Be sure to link back to your blog. You could also leave a link to another media site.
  • The game:  You WANT people to click through to your site!

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