Six ways to naturally combat toxic belly fat

There is no better analogy for the toxic dumping ground in the body, that is known as “belly fat”. While unsightly and cumbersome to tote around, the displeasing aesthetics pales in comparison to the massive damage that is occurring on the inside.

It is necessary to address a simple biological fact for most human beings,  the body typically discharges fat from the face, extremities, Man-Woman-Diet-Weight-Loss-Fitness-Stomach-Abschest and abdomen in that order.  Tricks and gimmicks may work in the short term but for the most part you will only delay or transfer to another area continued fat storage. If you have excessive abdominal girth, a holistic approach must be taken to permanently rid yourself of the toxic beast.

Ideas for addressing belly fat (and fat in general)

Omega 3s: This is a fat that actually helps you burn fat. Omega 3s increase mitochondrial activity in the cells, essentially turning up the heat. The result is increased fat burning. In addition, omega 3s are an anti-inflammatory which suppresses fat storage.

Green tea extract: Tea in general is a very popular drink globally and has long been regarded as beneficial for the body. One of the many noted benefits of green tea is that it is associated with being able to suppress fat accumulation in the body. It is also regarded for its thermogenic qualities helping the body to raise its resting energy output which promotes fat burning.

Capsicum: This nutrient comes from red chili peppers and is thought to act upon the sympathetic nervous system increasing thermogenesis which, as previously mentioned, is important for promoting fat burning. Capsicum has also been shown to influence lipid mobilization from adipose tissue.

Caffeine: While capsicum works on the sympathetic nervous system in particular, caffeine works on the entire central nervous system. It stimulates increased resting energy expenditure and thermogenesis, each of which influences the body to burn “belly fat”.

Niacin: Niacin helps the body to efficiently utilize energy, boosting metabolism as a consequence. An increase in metabolism is often needed by most individuals to foster fat loss and weight maintenance.

Stress reduction: The way our culture has evolved especially in recent history has created a shift in what stresses us. There was a time when physical danger called for us to either fight or flee. Our bodies prepared us for potential life threatening confrontation or a foot race for our lives. These days that type of stresses no longer exist. Today our stress responses are according to psychological stimulation. The problem is our bodies dump the same amount of adrenaline and cortisol into our bloodstreams as if the stressor was a physical danger, which in turn can cause “belly fat”.

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