FDA criminalizes secret Chinese medicine that blocks bird flu

This is an excellent article that talks about a chinese medicine that blocks bird flu. I don’t understand why anything would be blocked, that could save lives. This is just my Own Opinion!

A bird flu pandemic has been sparked in China, where 60 people have so far been infected and 13 have died from various new strains of bird flu (including H7N9). Across China and Taiwan, people are in a panic over the spread of bird flu, and the media there is reporting widespread concern, that this may be the beginning of the next global pandemic.    Jars-Chinese-Herbs

A Chinese Air Force General has publicly announced the bird flu is a “bio bomb” weapon launched by the USA, but you won’t find that reported in the mainstream media.  The media is hardly reporting on this bird flu outbreak at all — and that’s because there is no vaccine to hype yet.

New bird flu strains “evolving to adapt to human cells”

So far, those infected with these bird flu strains have all had contact with birds (poultry). The virus hasn’t yet achieved a mutation that would allow it to be transmitted via human-to-human transmission.

A study led by Masato Tashiro of the Influenza Virus Research Center, National Institute of Infectious Diseases, and Yoshihiro Kawaoka of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Tokyo concludes the new bird flu strain is “evolving to adapt to human cells, raising concern about its potential to spark a new global flu pandemic.”

FDA criminalizes medicinal bird flu defenses

The FDA continues to do everything in its power to maximize the death toll if such a pandemic is unleashed. This is a form of vaccine terror that attempts to achieve maximum casualties in order to scare everybody into buying in to the vaccine hoax.

On November 23, 2004, the FDA unleashed an assault on all dietary supplements containing Ma Huang (ephedra), calling it dangerous at any dose.  This was a complete hoax, of course, given that the FDA routinely allows super deadly pharmaceuticals to remain on the market (Vioxx) even when they kill 50,000 or more Americans. Ma Huang has been used in Chinese Medicine for literally thousands of years with no reports of toxicity.
Through the banning of Ma Huang by the FDA, ephedra is no longer available in any Chinese Medicine formulas sold throughout the United States. While alternatives have been attempted, none has proven nearly as effective because the primary purpose of Ma Huang in these formulations is to open the pores and allow sweating to occur as part of the body’s process for eliminating the bird flu virus.

To read more of this article from Natural News, please click link below.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/039911_bird_flu_secret_formulas_Minor_Blue_Green_Dragon.html#ixzz2QqHLHnrw

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