7 Things Successful Women Do Differently

This article by Angela Giles, is chalk full of wonderful tips and great advice. As I am a business woman, I am always open for helpful information.

Most of my life, I have been fascinated by women who are consistently successful in their careers and personal lives, particularly those where it seems to be a repeated pattern. I think often of Oprah Winfrey – she wasn’t born to success, but rather acted in a way that helped her realize her full potential in life.              7ThingsSuccessfulWomenDoDifferently2

So how do highly successful women achieve such excellence in their lives? Here are the seven things these women do differently than the rest of us – and the good news is if you choose to, you can do the same thing!

1. They take definitive and immediate action.

Most women never become the success that they dream about. There is one simple reason for that: they don’t take action!

Just because you “know” something doesn’t mean that you are actually moving forward. Moving forward means taking the knowledge that you have acquired and doing something with it.

So many women live in a complete, absolute haze. They just get by in life and they don’t live! These women simply float through life because they refuse to take the essential actions to follow their dreams and make things happen.

You can have all the education or be the smartest woman in the world… but if you want a different life, you must take action. It really is as simple as that. You must make the decision to go after your dreams and set goals to get there – and then do it!

So take charge and finally make that decision. Quit holding back. Today is your day without excuses. Take action on one item towards your goal!

2. They keep things simple.

In society today, women are overwhelmed with information. We are bombarded with it every second. However, the myriad of choices often leads to agitation and inaction.

Studies have shown that when a consumer is faced with several products, they tend to become overwhelmed and purchase less! One of the things we have done here in counseling our clients is to provide them with three alternatives (or less) to choose from. It gives them the flexibility of choice but it isn’t all-consuming. As a result, the decision doesn’t crush them and they don’t give up!

Likewise, if you feel it is necessary to immerse yourself with too many choices you will eventually give up.

So, don’t do it! Simplify your life. If you are making a decision, stop wasting your time overanalyzing everything. Make a choice, try it out, and if it doesn’t work for you, stop and re-evaluate. The same goes for your business – if you are selling products, keep them simple.

To read the remainder of the tips:   “This article is reprinted with permission by ShowcasingWomen.com, the Premier Resource For 30+ Million Women Entrepreneurs. Visit them for free instant access to their Success Tools.”

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