Ladies,How To Have YOUR Dream Income

Whether you have a job or own a business, reaching YOUR dream income IS achievable with a formula for structure. Working aimlessly will certainly give you shortfalls in your goals and results; therefore, structure and strategy is a key to financial success.

That said, earning your dream income goes beyond just the financial part of the equation, and must also include having the lifestyle you desire. The key word here is “lifestyle.” We all know that earning your dream income while also having a lifestyle that suits you can be difficult to achieve when working for someone else or running a business with 16-hour days.  MoneyInSky

The most effective route to having your dream income and enjoying a lifestyle of your choosing involves having your own business, whether part-time initially or full-time. For those of you with an existing business who are not achieving your financial goals, following are tips to get you on track. And for those of you working for someone else but desiring more income and freedom, running a business from your home may seem like a dream come true. Flexibility, freedom, and unlimited earning potential – what else could you ask for?

If you haven’t navigated the uncharted waters of working from home, or creating extra income, it can present real challenges that can make or break your income and lifestyle opportunities.

To help ensure the success of your existing business, or a potential new home-based business, follow these tips.

Create YOUR Strategy List:  Start with where you are now, and where you want to be. Then begin filling in the blanks. Some examples that might be on your strategy list could be:  a) I want to start earning an extra part-time income and then transition out of my full-time job (prepare your realistic strategy and timeframe for executing on this); b) I want to free my time so I can focus on bringing more income to my business (create your strategy for bringing on virtual assistants, and initially pay them through bartering, revenue-sharing, etc.); c) I want to use my talents or areas of expertise to generate more income while keeping the job or career that I love (do your research on others who are already doing this in the area that you are interested in, then create your own game plan for moving ahead).

Get Serious:  If you’re not going to take your goals and income potential seriously, who else will? You have to take daily steps to get into the proper action mindset. Doing unproductive work, or watching television every night instead of taking action steps, undermines your mindset. Have a daily action plan that you stick to. This all seems obvious, yet 95% of people will “dream” about reaching a goal without having a daily plan of action that will actually get them there. Don’t be that person; be in the 5% who take their goals seriously on a daily basis.

This is some awesome information, from  Suzanne Duret, ladies. To read more of this informative article:  “This article is reprinted with permission by, the Premier Resource For 30+ Million Women Entrepreneurs. Visit them for free instant access to their Success Tools.”




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