DHS excuse for buying billions of rounds of ammo exposed as blatant lie

Responding to a letter from Sen. Tom Coburn, the Department of Homeland Security — an agency that has no business being armed in the first place — says “DHS” is buying billions of rounds of ammunition in order to “significantly lower costs.” A significant portion of the bullet purchases, are hollow point rounds. Hollow points are significantly MORE expensive than “ball” ammo (FMJ). Under the Geneva convention, hollow points are illegal to use in war because they cause far greater tissue damage, too. So they can only be used domestically, inside the United States in a civil action, not an international war.    DHS-Lies-Bullets

If “DHS” really wanted to “significantly lower costs” on ammunition, it would have purchased FMJ rounds (full metal jacket), not hollow points. But in April of 2012, ammunition manufacturer ATK announced it had been awarded a “DHS” purchase contract for 450 million rounds of hollow point .40 caliber ammo. That’s almost half a billion rounds right there, and they’re all hollow point rounds.
First it was a conspiracy theory that the bullets existed… now it’s a verified fact that billions of rounds are being purchased

But for most of 2012, anyone who claimed “DHS” was purchasing all this ammo was labeled a “conspiracy theorist” by the leftist delusional media which somehow believed that all this hardware being purchased by “DHS” was imaginary.

Over time, of course, as all the contracts came out and the proof was undeniable, the mainstream media was forced to admit it wasn’t a conspiracy theory after all. A Forbes.com report that called for a “national conversation” signalled a breakthrough in mainstream awareness of the issue, and it was soon followed by members of Congress demanding answers from “DHS”

The cover stories collapse

When that cover story was exposed as an obvious lie, the story shifted to its current distortion: “We bought all that ammo to save you money!” (By the way, where are the apologies to all of us who first reported the DHS ammo purchases and were called conspiracy theorists for breaking the story on now-verified facts?)

This story is very interesting. To read how private citizens are buying  50 million rounds, of ammo, each week click on the link below.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/039753_DHS_ammo_purchases_blatant_lie.html#ixzz2PbsM9jYm

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